5 women, sizes 6-20, review the viral reversible 4-piece swimmers.

In Mamamia’s Roadtest series, real women trial the latest trends, treatments and techniques you need to know about - and share their honest thoughts. If it's out there, you can bet we've tried it. This week, five women from size 6 to size 20, try out the reversible four-piece Baiia Bikinis.

A good pair of swimmers is a magical thing.

But they can be nearly impossible to find.

Watch Mamamia's Clare Stephens roadtest a pair of very divisive pants. Post continues after video.

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So we were super keen to try sustainable swimwear brand Baiia, founded by Amber Boyers. 

For those who haven't heard of Baiia before, they make reversible swimsuits that can be worn in multiple ways with sizing ranging from four to 26. And they've gained a cult following.


The swimwear is made using soft and durable recycled nylon constructed in Italy and made from waste (think fishnets, carpets and plastic bottles) – so clever!

And that means that yes, their swimmers are a little more on the spendy side – it will cost you $278 for the full bikini.

So how do Baiia's swimsuits look on Australian women, and are they worth the price tag? 

Five women of different sizes from Mamamia put them to the test and tried the four-piece bikini top and bottom sets, which can be worn in different styles. 

Here are our honest thoughts. 

Danielle, size 6, in the Gaia Reversible Bikini Wrap Top and Bottom.

Danielle wore the Gaia Reversible Bikini wrap top and bikini bottoms from Baiia. Image: Supplied.


Danielle's go-to swimmers: Typically, I love swimmers that are colourful and bright with a bit of a cheeky cut. Swimmers, as we all know, have a lot of skin so I like putting on a bikini or suit that makes me feel confident and beautiful! 

What did you think? I loved the slimming fit of the fabric. They're very soft and smooth, and the fabric was able to stretch. I also like that I had the snatched look around my waist because they were so fitted and the material was really high quality. 


Would you recommend them? Yes! You can style them so many different ways and they give such a nice fit!

Eliza, size 10, in the Gaia Reversible Bikini Wrap Top and Bottom.

Eliza wore the Gaia Reversible Bikini wrap top and bikini bottoms from Baiia. Image: Supplied.

Eliza's go-to swimmers: Since becoming a mum, I've been embracing one-pieces and high-waisted bikinis as tiny bikinis don't work with my lifestyle at the moment. I also love a swimsuit that can multitask. I often wear my Hunza G swimmers with jeans or pants.


What did you think? First and foremost, I want my swimmers to look good. I love clothes and believe swimsuits are such a key part of Aussie summer wardrobes. 

I loved these Baiia swimmers because you had the freedom to mix and match — change colours and styles. It was particularly useful when on holidays as it looked like I'd brought four different pairs. 

I have three kids so going to the beach or pool is rarely a lie-down-and-read-some-Zadie-Smith vibe. Instead, I have to run, carry, swim and construct sandcastles, so these swimmers are perfect as I don't have to worry if a bum cheek has fallen out.

Would you recommend them? They really suit my lifestyle. I can chase the boys, take them surfing and not worry that half the beach has seen my nipples. I also loved wearing the one-shouldered top by itself with pants. So yes, but next time I'd probably go with a size 8 so I'd have a snugger fit.

Emily, size 12, in the Guyulgang Reversible Bikini Wrap Top and Bottom.

Emily wore the Guyulgang Bikini in a size 12 from Baiia. Image: Supplied.


Emily's go-to swimmers: I'm mainly drawn to a one-piece because it's usually what I feel best and most confident in. I always wear high-waisted bottoms if I'm wearing a bikini.

What did you think? I love the print. It was made in collaboration with Wiradjuri artist, Amanda Hinkelmann. The quality felt so strong and durable — it felt like actual clothes. I felt unsure about the top and was initially worried it would slip off, but that wasn't the case.

Would you recommend them? Because of the complexity of this swimsuit having four pieces, I would only recommend it to people who are going swimming a lot, as you can get more than five different looks from one swimwear piece. I wouldn't recommend it to people who go swimming a few times a year.


Alix, size 14, in the Guyulgang Reversible Bikini Wrap Top and Bottom.

Alix wore the Guyulgang Bikini in a size 14 from Baiia. Image: Supplied.

Alix'a go-to swimmers: My days of skimpy bikinis are far behind me – I'm so much more comfortable going for... well... comfort! So I love a chic one-piece.

What did you think? The swimmers are great quality. The fabric is very thick and I felt very "held" in place. I liked the fit – though usually choose a higher-cut leg than these ones. These were a flattering cut, and you can kind of hoik them up a bit to show a bit of cheeky butt. I love that you can style it to look like a one-piece, or yank it around in different spots to get a bikini option. V clever!


The only downside for me was that I think I could've gone a smaller top. BUT, with that said, the video on the Baiia website shows how you can tie the two top pieces together at the back of the neck to pull it all a little tighter.

Would you recommend them? Yes! They were comfy, cute and while a bit on the pricier side, you can create a few different looks from the interchangeable pieces, so when you girl maths it out, you come out on top.

Alex, size 20, in the Coco Reversible Bikini Wrap Top and Bottom.

Alex wore the Coco Reversible Bikini set in a size 20 from Baiia. Image: Supplied.


Alex's go-to swimmers: I love clean, minimal lines so this set is exactly what I was looking for. Typically, I'll go for swimmers that are a bit more substantial – a string bikini makes me feel a bit exposed so this set is a really nice compromise!

What did you think? They are beautiful and buttery soft, and you quickly get used to the two-piece top that holds each boob in! They're supportive and give me a really nice shape. As a size 20 with a GG cup size, the biggest issue I usually have with swimmers is I'm either squished into the cups, or I feel like I'm bulging – but this set is full coverage. I feel so confident wearing them, knowing that a stray wave isn't going to leave my girls free-floating (IYKYK).

Would you recommend them? Absolutely would recommend – these feel like a few different bikinis/one piece in one! Because of how customisable they are, you don't have to settle on "just a black one piece", you can really start to experiment with how much coverage you want, whether you want to show a bit more skin. They're gorgeous and so inclusive for bigger bodies!

Feature Image: Supplied.

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