The moment a woman noticed a very awkward detail in the background of a man's Tinder profile photo.

There are a few guidelines when it comes to a successful dating app profile.

Until now, making sure strangers in the background of your photos are not naked has not been one of them.

But then comedian Dalia Malek matched with Hideo, a San Fransisco sushi chef who gives sweet eff all about the privacy of others in the gym changing room.

Dalia posted screenshots of Hideo’s profile to Twitter, joking that he was her “soulmate”.

Messaging her match, Dalia simply pointed out that the man in the background of his chosen profile pic uh, “has his whole d*ck out”.


Funny in itself, right? But what makes this even more bizarre is that Hideo was not impressed with her friendly heads up, replying with an eloquent “F*ck you”.

Dalia was insistent: “He does”, she wrote. And she was not wrong.

Thankfully the man’s face is hidden behind a locker door, so he’s totally unidentifiable.

Twitter users were confused about … absolutely everything.



A few lessons:

  • Don’t take selfies in gym changing rooms
  • Always check the backgrounds of your photos
  • Don’t get mad that no one is looking at your abs if there is a literal naked man behind you