The Bachelorette's Rhys says his on screen persona is all a lie.

He stood out from the crowd as “that hipster Harry Potter” guy on The Bachelorette’s very first episode.

Then he ripped his shirt off on the group date (and called himself a “rig”) and read Georgia what can only be described as the world’s most awkward poem during the cocktail party.

"Roses are red, violets are blue..." Image via Channel 10.

But now 29-year-old Rhys Chilton says that what we're seeing of him on screen is all a total farce.

But before you panic and scream 'EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE', there's actually a very good reason behind Rhys' acting skills.


"I think the best protection in a show like this is to, instead of letting them [the producers] paint you how they want, give them something else," he told TV Week.

"Instead of them going, 'Oh, we don't have a character for Rhys - we'll make him into the a**hole of the group,' I'm giving them something on a platter: the romantic, deep guy who's really good-looking and has a good chest!

He's much more than a "good chest", you guys...Image via Channel 10.

"I'm super-strategic about all that."

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This is the second time Rhys has been caught out fooling us all: last week we revealed that he was much, much more than just a 'male model'.

Listen to the latest episode of Bach Chat:

And by that we mean...Rhys doubles as a topless entertainer.

"Yes I've done plenty of ladies events in my time and I'd like to say it's truly a shame there's a sleazy, negative association with this type of work," his personal website reads.

Rhys, entrepreneur extraordinaire. Image via Channel 10.

"I've helped some really amazing groups of girls enjoy what is a very special celebration and for as long as I'm in good enough shape I think I'll continue doing so."

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