This Bachelorette just kept it very real on reality tv by...well...farting.

Look, it could happen to anyone…

Think that reality tv isn’t real?

Well, something that happened a New Zealand version of The Bachelor last night that was very, very real.

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And the Bachelorette in question isn’t coming up smelling like roses.

You see, last night, Bachelorette Poppy shared something with The Bachelor.

Something deeply personal. Something she didn’t expect to share on the first date. Something that will distinguish her from all of the other contestants.

Poppy farted.

That’s right, on their first one-on-one date, Poppy cut the cheese.

Now this wasn’t a silent leaking of gas. It wasn’t something that she could pass off on a passing dog or standing on a juice box. It was unmistakable: Poppy straight up passed wind.

And what she did next had us very impressed.

Poppy is pro at the popper recovery it seems. Check it out (post continues after the video)

This isn’t the first time that someone has been caught out tooting on reality tv.

It happened 7 years ago on American Idol. And it impressed the judges so much they wanted to give her a ticket to Hollywood on the spot.

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