We don't want to alarm you but... here is a video of Fireman Cam STRIPPING.

There are times in my life when I feel like I’m floating along and offering very little to the world, and there are times like today: Days when I can provide you with a video of The Bachelorette’s Cameron stripping and sit back knowing I’ve made my solid contribution to the world this week.

Mr. May becomes Mr. May-we-watch-some-more as he takes the stage in a video posted to Facebook back in October, stripping in a way that can only be analysed as quietly awkward but still sort of cute.

In a great show of fate, Cam is seen in the video handing out roses to those lucky enough to be in the audience, suggesting that either a) he knew he was going to be on The Bachelorette, b) He was quietly hinting he wants to be on The Bachelor or c) completely unrelated to anything Bachelor and it was simply part of the act.

If you thought the current leader of the official Bachelorette Love Leaderboard (I genuinely did not make that up) where 36% of viewers believe he is the one for Georgia could get more endearing, check yourself.

This is endearing. Who knew stripping could be so?