The Bachelorette bros want you to know the bromance is still going strong... with one exception.

This season of The Bachelorette may have drawn to a close, but we can all be rest assured that the bromance lives on.

And the bromance is strong, you guys. It is SO strong.

The boys have made it no secret that they’re all still besotted with one another, taking to Instagram to post photos of their very manly, brotastic dinner reunion last night in Sydney.

A side of bromance with dinner. (Image via Instagram)

The photo features winner Sasha Mielczarek, David Billsborrow, Davey Lloyd, Michael Turnbull, Richie Strahan, Kayne Buik, Alex Cameron, Will Ferrier and Tony Strugar and was captioned: “Fun times with the lads where are you @kierennicholson haha.”

Notice who’s missing from that cheery bunch, yet fails to get a mention?

No? Well someone did.

And that someone was everyone’s favourite International Model, David Witko, of course!

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Witko took no time at all to make his absence felt, commenting on the picture: “Where’s the international model… :-P.”


Witko then posted that he’d been at a Victoria Secret party, so he wasn’t missing the bros at all.

The boys (sans Witko) have been drenching social media with their bromance ever since the season premiered in August, making sure Australia knows what great buddies they are and how the bro-code is immortal.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen Witko befriend Bachelor alumna Emily Simms. He doesn’t care that the bros are Mean Girling him.

They’d make a good couple, no? (Image via Instagram)

While Witko doesn’t seem to get much brotherly love, the remainder of the boys have been spending some quality time together at the beach, at club openings and of course together at their many, many media interviews.

At least no one left the show without finding love, even if it was with each other.

Click through the gallery below to see some of their well-documented bromance.