The Bachelor's Nikki shares the hidden meaning behind the dress she wore on the finale.

What, you thought we couldn’t find anything else to love about the Nikki Gogan?

With The Bachelor being well and truly done and dusted for the year, the hype around the finale is beginning to slow down as the show’s main players begin to return to their normal lives.

But it seems no one is getting tired of runner-up Nikki Gogan any time soon.


On Sunday, Gogan posted a tribute the dress she wore in that now infamous finale.

“I always wanted to be the red dancing girl emoji,” she wrote.

“What an honour it was to wear a dress that was specially designed for me by the amazing @georgewu with queen stylist @styliststringy – I have never felt more beautiful.”

Proving to be the generous spirit we always believed her to be, Gogan took the focus off Richie’s decision and off her broken heart, instead giving thanks and appreciation to all those who helped put her together that night.

“Thank you thank you to the lovely @helendowsleylashes for her tender love and care throughout my Bachelor ‘journey’. I am so thankful that I was in the hands of the best in the business when it came to hair, make up and styling. I met some incredible people and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Here’s hoping she stays in our spotlight, and in our newsfeeds, just a little while longer.