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Canadian Daniel lasted one day on last year's Bachelor in Paradise. Now... he's back.


If there was one thing that brought Australia together in 2018, it was our shared dislike of Canadian Daniel.

Shiny overseas intruder Daniel Maguire appeared on last year’s Bachelor in Paradise but was sent packing after just one day, after taking Nina Rolleston on the creepiest date we’ve ever seen on the show and calling the Aussie women his “puppets”.

The backlash was swift and brutal.

But Canadian Daniel does not care, you guys. So, he’s back for another round.

The biggest question in the Mamamia office was WHY, CANADIAN DANIEL? WHY?

So we put it to him. And his answer was exactly what we thought the reason would be, but not at all what we expected him to say out loud.

He didn’t spin some line about wanting to find love or ‘being there for the right reasons’. He was… honest.

“You get a paid vacation so I can’t really complain, it’s nice to get away and have some fun,” he told Mamamia.

“I’ve been invited to go on seven shows now, so I’m not going to say no. Number two, they’re fun, I have a good time. I get paid, I get to make money, more than my day job and I’m not going to lie, it’s fun to be on TV and it’s fun if you can make people laugh dependant on your edit and what not.”

Okay, Canadian Daniel, we appreciate your honesty.

And speaking of edits, the 34-year-old reality TV participant, certified personal trainer, world traveller, and model (mate, chill) thought he got a rough one last year. Especially compared his previous appearances on US Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise series.

After good edits in North America, Canadian Daniel admitted to getting a bit “cocky”, thinking he could say whatever he wanted and still come across good.


“They can make Gandhi look like Hitler and Hitler look like Gandhi, depending on how they edit it. There’s hours and hours of footage and they can choose what they use. I’m not going to deny saying things, but they didn’t have to [show them] and they could’ve made me look like the coolest guy ever. It’s totally up to them.”

Filming for BIP took place in Fiji in November, and for Daniel, the lag between filming and screening is a bit of a drag.

“The thing is, this was like five/six months ago so it’s hard for me to remember, but also care,” he said. “This is my seventh show, the novelty and excitement is wearing off.

“I haven’t watched any of this season… I only watch it when I’m on it, just because you want to see how you’re edited. Like, I don’t really watch reality TV, there’s just no interest.”

Oh… okay.

Anyway, despite not really remembering or caring, Daniel said this year’s cast was more laid back and he had a good time in paradise, but he was tight-lipped on whether he left with someone.

“When I arrived people seemed quite friendly… Some people obviously, they don’t really care if a new guy turns up but others were like, ‘Oh who’s this guy? What’s his story?’.

“I thought for the most part everyone was quite friendly and I have nothing negative to say about anyone,” he said.

Whether the cast members have anything negative to say about him though, we’ll have to watch to find out.