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The behind-the-scenes cast reaction photo to Blake saying 'Lenora' on Bachelor in Paradise.

Last night on Bachelor In Paradise, the unthinkable happened. During the rose ceremony, just as it was Blake’s turn to hand out a rose and Laurina was standing there gracefully, eyelashes fluttering, Blake took a breath. He looked at her and somehow uttered the name… ‘Lenora’.

Cue shock, horror, disbelief, mild indigestion and the best Tweets we’ve seen in a while.

Watch the moment Blake calls out ‘Lenora’ in the video below.

However, there was one thing that was perhaps even better than this enormous blooper: the behind-the-scenes cast reaction to that moment.

And we have Keira Maguire to thank for sharing this with us.

Posting the photo on her Instagram, contestants are doubling over in laughter, while Laurina doesn’t know if she should laugh in good humour or clock Blake over the head with a coconut.


Meanwhile, Florence can’t quite process what has just happened, Leah looks like she just swallowed a frog and Megan is having a great time, just enjoying the moment.

Let’s also not forget the moment when poor Laurina/Lenora/Lenovo (?) realises that Blake just looked right into her eyes, into the pits of her soul and then forgets her name, all while Tara is giving a good old chuckle in the background, thinking: “ohhhhh Blake, you gone and f**ked up goooood.”

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