Three new women have entered The Bachelor mansion, and it does not go smoothly.

Just when you thought this season of The Bachelor couldn’t possibly handle any more DRAM-AH, along comes three ‘date crashers’ to shake things up.

Yep, three more girls are here to battle it out for Richie’s heart, and one of them is a gorgeous Aussie model.


Meet Stephanie Dixon, a 25-year-old from Victoria who, according to the official Bachelor Australia facebook page, loves “racing across the country side on a quad bike”.

Will Stephanie become one of Richie's frontrunners? Image via Channel 10/The Bachelor.

Sounds like she could be the perfect girl for adrenaline junkie Richie, right?

Steph is also a successful model, with her agency describing her as the "quintessential Aussie babe".


Joining Steph in the shake-up will be 26-year-old Sarah, and Kahlia, 29, a law student from Perth who is "looking for her missing piece of the puzzle".

Sarah and Khalia enter the Bachelor mansion this week. Image via Channel 10/The Bachelor.

Stephanie has already revealed that showing up mid-competition was "scary".

"I was petrified. The girls were OK, but nothing prepared me for it. I realised within the first hour these girls are very, very opinionated and very territorial.Not everything is going to be positive here," she told The Daily Telegraph.

“I would have preferred to go in at the start. It was very overwhelming going in as an intruder," she said.

Here's a reminder of who's still in the running for Richie's heart:

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