Bachelor Blake and one of his Bachelorettes are apparently 'an item'.



It never ends.

Blake and Louise are getting it on, apparently.

New Idea have just ‘CONFIRMED’ that the Bachelor (who is now one of the least popular men in Australia) has hooked up with third-place contestant Louise.

As New Idea reported:

One bachelorette, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has spoken to New Idea and revealed that the producers were “pushing him to pick Sam”, and he had let Louise go as he was worried she wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of being in the final two.

“After the show finished airing, Blake rang Sam and told her he thought he made the wrong decision, that he thought he should have chosen Louise, and that production pushed him to choose Sam!” says the source.

Blake and Louise. Can’t wait until they make it official on Instagram.

Hashtag awkward.