Blake and Louise discuss marriage on 'Sunrise'. Slightly awkward.




Cross your fingers that this is the happy ending to the world’s longest Bachelor-based scandal.

Blake and Louise appeared on Sunrise this morning to discuss their relationship (they seem to LOVE doing that) – and they looked like the ‘happy, normal couple’ they keep insisting to various media that they are:



As usual, Sunrise hosts Samantha and Kochie didn’t hold back with their line of questioning, giving the couple a good-humoured hard time.



Samantha asked WHY OH WHY DID YOU PROPOSE TO SAM FROST? And Blake gave the answer he has in every interview, “I was caught up in the moment blah blah blah etc”. He said he’d do things differently if he “could go back in a time machine”.

The happy couple were then asked if they had plans to get married (a potentially extremely awkward question for any new couple…)

“That is not on the table at the moment,” Louise smiled. Cue classic Samantha to Blake: “You’ve proposed enough lately!”

Cut to…




Samantha struggled to not attack the couple, her hilarious natural cynicism rearing it’s head. But she apologised. “I don’t mean to be aggressive, I’m sorry.”

Except not really, right?



What else did we learn? Perth-based Blake offered to move to Brisbane. “I said to Louise, it’s the least I could do.” But Louise to the rescue: She is moving to Perth. What will she do? “I’m going to do my events, I’m an events planner. I’m also looking at baking and cooking and things like that. I like to bake.”


“It’s pressure and if we can get through this, we can get through anything. It’s making us a stronger unit.”

“I’m very, very happy with Louise,” Blake said.

“You look happy,” Kochie remarked.

And Samantha wrapped it up: “Actually, having sat next to you, I think you’re very well suited.”

So there you have it. Blake + Sam = bad. Blake + Louise = good.

Everyone is happy. Go forth, Bachelor folk, and live your lives.

Watch the video here:

The happy couple.


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