"Absolutely shattered." How other Bachelor stars reacted to last night's shocking finale.

So it happened. We’ve slept on it. But the result of Thursday night’s Bachelor Australia finale still has us reeling. There was a ring, a Britt, a Sophie, a luxurious and completely unnecessary foreign resort destination, and Osher. (Urgh, poor Osher.)

But Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins chose no one.


Yeah, Britt. Us too. Image: Channel 10.

The fact that we predicted the no-winners result ought to have made it easier, helped us brace for what happened. But no.

And so today we turned to the people who know the program best - the contestants - for some comfort, some insight, some solace. Something.


But it turns out most of them are just as rattled as the rest of us.

Emily Dibden, S6: "Well, that was disappointing."

Cassandra Wood, S6: "Love you both."


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My two soulmates from day 1. Love you both to the moon and back ❤️ #womensupportingwomen #bestfriends

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Vanessa Sunshine, S6: "So happy..."


Dasha Gaivoronski, S6: "Girls, please never lose sight of your true identity."

Tara Pavlovic, S5 and Bachelor in Paradise: "Thanks for your honesty."


Keira Maguire, S4 and Bachelor in Paradise: "Very disappointed."


Jarrod Woodgate, The Bachelorette S3 and Bachelor in Paradise: "I would know."


Georgia Love, The Bachelorette S2: "


And this, which is quite possibly our favourite.


Except it isn't because Osher is our favourite. Always.

Osher. Just Osher.