'I'll be running your name through databases': US mum's 14 ridiculous requests for babysitter.


If anyone’s had a stint as a babysitter (read: needed quick cash during uni so shelved your fear of young children for a hot sec), you’ll remember the pros of working for a cruisy family: full access to the snack cupboard, unlimited Foxtel and essentially getting paid to play with kid’s toys.

It was always a pretty sweet gig – even if it did mean you had to down multiple cups of coffee to stop yourself from falling asleep on the couch when the parents inevitably stumbled in past midnight.

Well, a US mother has provided the perfect contrast to the “cruisy” babysitting boss I remember from my student days, by sharing her list of ridiculous requests for a new babysitter on Facebook.

The mother-of-three posted a detailed series of demands for potential applications, including “ideally being a Trump fan”, having absolutely NO history of traffic tickets, NO tattoos, and NO public pictures.

Oh, and they must have a BA in childcare, or NINE years of experience. So unless you’ve been babysitting since you were little more than nine-years-old, uni students need not apply.

…And all for a salary of $10 an hour (approximately $14 Australian).

ATTENTION: Hilarious real housewives on babysitting video. Post continues after.


The post below was shared on the Subreddit ChoosingBeggars, where it triggered hundreds of comments seemingly mirroring the same sentiment: Huh?

In a surprise to, erm, no one, the emojis didn't succeed in softening the post.


"Nine years experience is very specific!! Also, would be worried about someone who had the degree and/or experience but was still willing to graft for $10 an hour," one person commented.

Another Reddit user put it bluntly (in words we wholeheartedly support): "For $10/hr I will come over to watch your TV and eat your snacks. Expect to return to alive children.... that's it."

Many were also shocked that the woman was expecting her babysitter to pay for some of her own snacks.

"I'm planning on hiring a nanny soon and I'm over here planning on asking them what food and snacks they like so I can make sure they have their favourite stuff to eat. This person will be helping to care for child, I want them to be comfortable and happy. I can't imagine handling it any other way," one said.

While others added: "I’m a nanny and I eat the family’s food all the time. It’s sort of expected (it’s in fact in my contract that I can help myself to their fridge) I pack a lunch most days but if I forget I have a bit of leftovers or eggs on toast for lunch. It’s fairly standard in the industry," and; "I thought she meant SHE'D be willing to pay for the babysitters snacks. I was like well I guess that's nice, then I realised she meant the babysitters would be paying for snacks. Lovely."

But one Reddit user surmised a likely explanation for it all:

"When I got to “Ideally a Trump fan”, the puzzle pieces started to come together," they wrote.


While the original poster had attempted to assure her Facebook feed the remuneration was "like making $15/hr normally but without paying tax", I'm sure for many people, there isn't enough money in the world to pretend to be a Trump fan for a babysitting gig.

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