"I've paid $4." Excuse us, but absolutely no one can agree on the cost of a babyccino.

Seeing a child with milk froth and chocolate around not just their mouth but their entire face is a fairly common occurrence at cafes these days.

With babyccinos on the menu - or at least made on request - kids are getting stuck into fancy warm milk, just like their parents (although its caffeine-free - obviously).

But... how much does a babyccino cost? How much should a babyccino cost? Because it has come to our attention that the price of frothed milk varies a lot from cafe to cafe.

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It's very confusing.

Mamamia checked in with its community to find out their thoughts and... goodness. The simple babyccino incites passionate debate, let us tell you.

Disclaimer: Some cafes add sprinkles, choccy and lollies to make their kid's option extra enticing and ensure a major sugar come down within the hour, but for the purpose of this conversation we are mostly talking just standard frothed milk, with maybe a marshmallow or two if they must.

Nothing fancy here.

For many, a babyccino has always come free with a standard coffee order - and many of our respondents said they would never consider paying for one.

Others were just generally morally opposed to the concept, we guess.

"I would never waste a barista's time," one response said. "Been there, it's a waste of milk."

But surely the pleasure of wiping dried milk off a child's face (and entire outfit) is priceless?

For those spending money, a reasonable babyccino price seems to range between 50 cents to $2. 

This takes into account the resources used (milk + barista's time + cup), and seems reasonable.

"If I have to pay 50c for soy milk, then babyccinos should be at least that," one person responded. Oh god, then how much would a soy milk babyccino cost? The mind boggles.


It is important not to underestimate the swaying power of a babyccino:

Another respondent said they'd pay $1 max, and if one was more expensive they wouldn't return to the spot. Then there was the person who said the price of a babyccino has a major impact on where they choose to spend their money.

One of our spenders said even $2 seemed too much: "I'm essentially paying $2 for a single marshmallow," they said, complete with eyeroll emoji.

But this is where things get... wild.

Because sometimes, babyccinos cost the same as a REAL COFFEE.

"I have paid $3.50," one follower said. "What a rort."

Another had paid the same and called it a "joke".

Someone else said they'd paid $3-$4... which is just... well, when they said kids were expensive, I didn't expect THIS.

Another paid $2.50 "and vowed never to buy one ever again".

So basically, there is no standard cost of a babyccino and it is VERY CONFUSING.

The world has many, many problems right now. Many would argue those problems are more pressing than this.

They would be... correct. But once we're done all of the rest - or if we're procrastining - how about standardising the price of warm, frothed milk for children?

Or maybe we'll just stick to water.

How much have you paid for a babyccino? What do you think is a fair price? Let us know in the comments.

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