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mamamia-user-876714449 October 13, 2021

LOVED watching you Jana in SAS … you are amazing and inspirational and a LIONESS!! 

mamamia-user-876714449 October 9, 2021

Cate you are so inspirational and so real. Many Professional athletes suffer from depression… you have so very well described how well athletes can control their thoughts - usually - and how outta control depression can be…. And then navigating retirement! Good luck Cate, you are admired and very respected! 🥰

mamamia-user-876714449 September 4, 2021

Love you Melissa!!! 👏👏👏

mamamia-user-876714449 September 2, 2021

also she might get murdered in a school shooting because the right to own a gun is far more important than protecting lives

mamamia-user-876714449 August 31, 2021

@6macfam precisely what I said also!!

mamamia-user-876714449 August 25, 2021

What does your brother think of this?

mamamia-user-876714449 August 23, 2021

Goosebumps!!! 🥺

mamamia-user-876714449 August 22, 2021

You’re Penny from Inspector Gadget!!! 😂

mamamia-user-876714449 August 10, 2021

What a brave and strong little girl. You must be enormously proud of her. I’m so sorry for your loss

mamamia-user-876714449 August 2, 2021

Incredible photo montage!! Beautiful and brave every step of the way 🤩

mamamia-user-876714449 July 22, 2021

What a little legend!! 🤩

mamamia-user-876714449 July 22, 2021

@meg .... and it’s not just about nurses and doctors not wanting to work hard! Or relishing being “celebrated”! 

It’s about us knowing the grim reality of hospitals becoming overwhelmed with Covid and what that means for sick people and their loved ones! Imagine your loved one having no ICU bed because we’re overflowing with Covid! 

mamamia-user-876714449 July 20, 2021

This is absolutely true!! Nurses - and doctors - dread the thought of Covid running rampant. As a country nurse I can assure you it will be catastrophic. We have no choice but to stay the course and wait for vaccination program to be completed. And then gradually let things open up

mamamia-user-876714449 July 18, 2021

Great story and well written!! Totally support your decision! Huge boobs are a challenge!! Men can be idiots

mamamia-user-876714449 June 29, 2021

Wow the archaeological dig cake... clever idea!!

mamamia-user-876714449 June 25, 2021

Haha great gifs. I had a a giggle 

mamamia-user-876714449 June 22, 2021

Sweet Jesus 😨

mamamia-user-876714449 June 21, 2021

He did sound like an truly awful doctor! I hope you have gotten a new one. The problem with the private system is that is hard to make complaints. You could make a complaint to AHPRA though.

The fact that you were so reluctant to let him see those pimples certainly indicated you did not have an open and therapeutic relationship with your doctor (you should have had a medical person view these pimples at your 6 week check)

mamamia-user-876714449 June 20, 2021

Hmmmmm not sure what to make of all this ....

mamamia-user-876714449 June 20, 2021

So sorry for your loss Leigh  💓