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mamamia-user-876714449 March 28, 2021

Hahahaha!!!! Laughter from me! Love it!!

mamamia-user-876714449 March 20, 2021

Three cheers for midwives everywhere! I love my job and even though it’s sometimes chaotic and stressful there is nothing else I would want to be doing. Love being there for the daily miracles! 

♥️ Midwifery 

mamamia-user-876714449 March 19, 2021

Hahaha!!! Brilliant!!  a great read. 😂👏👏

mamamia-user-876714449 March 10, 2021

😂😂😂 love the memes!!

mamamia-user-876714449 March 8, 2021

Brilliant article! Very very good. Thankyou, I will be coming back to this one!

mamamia-user-876714449 March 3, 2021

100%!! Solo parenting by conscious choice much better than conceiving with a someone don’t love. Anyone who says it’s “selfish” is extremely narrow minded. It is certainly a big responsibility though and I am sure the vast majority of people choosing this option have thought things through a thousand times more than someone having an oopsy daisy.

mamamia-user-876714449 February 7, 2021

Loved this article Holly!!! I’m a midwife and I completely get how that moment and how you felt are lasered into your brain forever, the good, the bad and the weird. 

mamamia-user-876714449 November 8, 2020


mamamia-user-876714449 November 4, 2020

Man, what a bunch of nutters!!!! 😳 sorry on behalf of Australia Matthew 

mamamia-user-876714449 November 4, 2020


mamamia-user-876714449 October 25, 2020

At my favorite cafe in my large regional town, babyccinos are free (simple milk and cocoa dust) and the barista thanks the mums for bringing their business 😊....  therefore most the mums come to their cafe. There is a big outdoor grassy patch and garden so no one else is bothered by all the happy toddlers playing 

mamamia-user-876714449 October 25, 2020

Good article in this humble midwife’s opinion!  Simple and good advice without being alarmist 👍

mamamia-user-876714449 October 13, 2020

Hahaha!!!! Definitely Erin’s!!! The rooms are all gorgeous but hers is actually reality!!!! 💕💕

mamamia-user-876714449 October 11, 2020

That’s really tough....well written.... I think if I was a Melburnian, I would feel exactly the same way you do, from beginning to the second lockdown to the blurred line. Virtual hugs to you 😔❤️

mamamia-user-876714449 September 14, 2020

Gosh that is so terribly sad. What a beautiful smile she had. Sending strength to her family. ❤️

mamamia-user-876714449 September 12, 2020

What a star!! What an amazing moment that was!! Made all the more iconic by the fact she carried BOTH flags which by today’s standards is very normal to see but was very brave at that time. Shows her courage and conviction of her values. Bravo Cathy!!! 💛❤️🖤

mamamia-user-876714449 August 29, 2020

Sweet Valley High was the BEST .... and Babysitters Club .... oh the memories!!! 💕💕

mamamia-user-876714449 August 25, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552  do you have a year 12 student then? I hope so, given the amount of commentary

mamamia-user-876714449 August 22, 2020

Totally agree. Midwives need empathy really. Doesn’t matter as a midwife whether you’ve had children or not, vaginal births or C sections, breastfed or bottlefed....  care and empathy is the thing. Less pre-conceived notions and attitudes is the advantage of being a midwife without children. It’s like saying only a person who’s had cancer can be a good oncology nurse. 

mamamia-user-876714449 July 26, 2020

Your description of the cloud was fascinating (as a health professional). What a heart wrenching story, thank you for telling it, gives insight into PND. Glad you’re doing better 

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