At eight days old Leo was rushed to hospital with a bleeding mouth. Two days later he died.


When 22-year-old mum Kira Aldcroft noticed her eight day old baby boy Leo was bleeding from the mouth, she immediately rushed him to hospital.

Aldcroft had a healthy pregnancy until her son was born nine days premature. Just eight days later she rushed her son to hospital with suspected sepsis after she noticed bleeding in his mouth.

While her son was in an induced coma, doctor’s discovered that Kira carried the Herpes HSV2 virus, also known as genital herpes. She had unknowingly passed the disease to her son during childbirth.

The doctors found swelling and a clot in Leo’s brain, as his organs slowly began to fail.

Two days later, Leo Aldcroft tragically passed away in hospital.

Now, the young mum is calling for compulsory testing for the sexually transmitted disease in pregnant mothers.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mum so being able to bring Leo home was just a dream come true, everything was finally perfect and everyone was happy,” she told The Mirror.

“But as Leo was laid there in hospital with doctors and nurses surrounding him, it was a mother’s worst nightmare… I was physically sick when the herpes test came back positive, as I had done everything humanly possible to give my son the best start in life,” she added.


The devastated mother said there was no way of telling whether she contracted the disease years ago or during the pregnancy, as the disease can be dormant for long periods of time.

“I had no knowledge I had the virus, as there were no symptoms other than thrush, and if I had been offered a test during my pregnancy all this heartache could have been avoided.”

“I’m now urging men and women to get tested. That’s my message to everyone – not just pregnant women.

“I hope sharing Leo’s story will save other lives.”

According to NHS, Neonatal Herpes (herpes appearing in a baby) is highly contagious if the parent has contracted the disease in the last six weeks of pregnancy.

The warning signs and symptoms according to NHS are lethargy, inability to eat, fever and sores.

If the baby is having breathing difficulties, is lacking energy or being floppy, has a blue tongue and skin or is unable to wake up, call 000 immediately.

If the condition spreads to the child’s organs, it can be fatal.