Zoe Marshall writes: 'The 18 baby products that got me through the newborn phase.'

It’s so overwhelming when you are first expecting. There is so much you THINK you need to buy that you actually don’t.

Then there are must have’s that you’ve never even heard of. It can be a baby minefield trying to navigate it all, especially when you have never done it before.

But at someone with a baby, trust me when I say I have tried it all. So here are my top recommendations for absolute must haves that will make your life easier when you find yourself in the baby bubble:

Zoe Marshall shares the baby products every new parent should own on The Baby Bubble podcast:

1. The baby monitor.

BUY: Arlo, Baby 1080P HD Monitoring Camera, $248

This isn’t just a baby monitor. It has a speaker so you can speak to your child through your phone.

It also has night vision, lullabies, a thermostat and you can adjust the music from wherever you are in the house. It even says when the air quality is poor (aka baby has done a poo in Fox’s case).

I check mine multiple times a day. I live for it.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

2. The everyday pram.

BUY: iCandy, Peach Pram 2018, $1,699

You need a great pram so it’s definitely something worth spending money on.

I chose the iCandy because it's bloody gorgeous but also functional. It’s easy to put up and down and takes you from bassinet (newborn) up until when your baby is a big boy or girl.


The peach model, which is the one I have, also allows you to add another part if you choose to grow the family and need a double.

The basket is also deep which is great for groceries and the cup holder is a life saver….coffee anyone?

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

3. The thermometer.

BUY: Gro Egg, Digital Room Thermometer, $50

It helps you set just the right temperature for your baby to sleep. I also use the Gro bags (sleeping bags). They vary in warmth so I have a couple of each.

4. The formula maker.

BUY: Tommee Tippee, Perfect Prep Day & Night, $220

If you start doing bottles this is a no brainer. It makes it all for you, a life saver in the middle of the night.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

5. The stretchy swaddles.

BUY: L'il Fraswer Collection, Bailey Swaddle, $34.95

I followed the Wot baby app (this is another must have) to settle Fox and sleep train him and there’s a swaddle demo on there if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I found stretchy swaddles like the “Lil Fraser” the best to get the arms down really tight. Genius.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

6. The cloth nappies.

BUY: Big Softies, Terry Towelling Nappies 12 Pack, $25

These will save you from poo explosions.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

7. The baby wash.

BUY: QV, Baby Gently Wash, $9.99

Fox had eczema and this was amazing and so soft on his skin.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

8. The baby seat.

BUY: Nuna, Leaf, $399

This will rock your baby to sleep or to settle. Fox loved it. It is a God send if you need a break.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

9. The travel cot.

BUY: Baby Bjorn, Travel Cot Easy Go, $395.95

I got the Baby Bjorn brand. It’s the smallest to pack for travel and super light.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

10. The baby food blender.

BUY: Philips AVENT, Steamer Blender, $80

This is a two in one baby food blender. One side steams and the other blends. This will be a God send when you travel.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

11. The travel pram.

BUY:  BabyZen, YoYo Plus Pram, $749

This pram is amazing when travelling and it fits in the over head locker! Boom.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

12. The baby carrier.

BUY: Baby Bjorn, Baby Carrier One, $229.95


This is my choice for a baby carrier. It's so easy to use.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

13. The play mat.

BUY: Munchkin & Bear, Medium Scandi-stars Play Mat in Powder Blue, $99.95

This is a nice thick play mat your baby can roll around on. We’ve used ours from birth and still use it.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

14. The sleep positioner.

BUY: Baby Hood, Breate Eze Sleep Positioner, $29.95

I got mine from Baby Hood. It keeps the baby on its back nice and snug.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

 15. The disposal bags.

BUY: wotnot, Biodegradable Nappy Bags, $8.95

These are environmentally friendly bags for all those poops and wees. They open really easily and are biodegradable.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

16. The nappy rash spray.

BUY: Curash, Medicated Nappy Rash Spray,$10

You can avoid touching a dirty bum with this simple and easy spray.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

17. The ice packs.

BUY: BodyICE, Maternity Care Gift Box (with 2 x breast gel-bead pads and 1 x perineum gel-bead strip), $69

Take these to the hospital with you. If you have a natural birth and you tear, the hospital will give you ice packs but they often stick to your stitches which isn’t ideal. These won’t do that.

They also have ice packs for your boobs. So when your milk comes in and your tatas get really hard and really hot, you can cool those babies down.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

18. The baby book you need.

BUY: The Wonder Weeks by Hetty van de Rijt, Frans Plooij and Xaviera Plas-Plooij, $22

This is a step by step guide that details your baby’s leaps, or developmental changes. The great thing about this is it can help you prepare for what’s coming.

It also gives you an understanding of why your baby is crying and gives you activities to do with your baby through each leap.

baby essentials list Zoe Marshall

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