The baby names set to be most popular in 2024.

If you're about to welcome a baby, you'll be more than aware that choosing a moniker for your new family member is pretty loaded these days. With so much of our lives on show, parents are hyper aware of ensuring they land on the perfect name for their child to carry with them through their life.

Luckily, there's heaps of help out there if you're stuck for a solid name. US website Nameberry has once again released its annual list of baby name predictions and in 2024, they've made sure to include a broad range of options for Generation Alpha. Expect to see boardrooms, hospitals, schools and restaurants in 30 years' time filled with professionals who have pretty cool names.

Among their predictions came a bunch of subsections of name trends, showing just how unique and varied parents are going with their baby's names these days. Move over John, Helen and Mark – Generation Alpha is here and they're making a splash. Here are the top name trends coming in 2024.

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'Feminine' names for boys.

Parents have had a penchant for using common boys' names for their girls in years past, but in 2024, that is going to be flipped on its head. Expect to see boys taking names that have a more traditionally feminine feel.

  1. Artemis

  2. Cleo

  3. Jade

  4. Carmen

  5. Harlow

  6. Rose

  7. Sunny

  8. Winter

  9. Willow

  10. Robin

Soft names with a feminist spin.

It has been a great year to celebrate all things female, especially thanks to the warcry heard round the world after millions of people watched the movie Barbie. We are seeing that celebration now flow through to the names of the next generation of feminists. These names are soft but powerful.

  1. Althea

  2. Clover

  3. Dahlia

  4. Eleanora

  5. Gwen

  6. Palmer

  7. Mavis

  8. Tabitha

  9. Theodora

  10. Vienna

'Adult' names.

In recent years, the online community has been giving parents a heavy amount of flack for giving the kids 'baby' names. They are going to grow up at some point, you know? Now, in response, expecting mums and dads are going in the opposite direction, giving their newborns decidedly 'adult'-sounding names.

  1. Alfred

  2. Clyde

  3. Duncan

  4. Dolores

  5. Martha

  6. Maxine

  7. Roland

  8. Rita

  9. Stanley

  10. Sylvia

Names with an 'Aire' to them.

After Kylie Jenner named her son Aire, suddenly everyone was looking ~out there~ for name inspiration. In 2024, it's predicted that parents will go for light names with a breezy, atmospheric feel. Wonder if any Aussies will opt for El Niño for their little one?

  1. Aero

  2. Azure

  3. Celestial

  4. Ciel

  5. Lumi

  6. Rain

  7. Sol

  8. Snow

  9. Storm

  10. Zephyr

 Natural classics.

With 'farm chic' and cottagecore aesthetics having their moment across social media, it was only a matter of time before this flowed through to baby names. Big predictions for 2024 will include names that have an earthy feel with 'quiet luxury' in mind.

  1. Archie

  2. Celia

  3. Daphne

  4. Flora

  5. Harvey

  6. Magnus

  7. Orson

  8. Torin

  9. Vera

  10. Viola

Pop culture names.

Every year without fail, there are some big-note pop culture moments that ultimately inspire baby names. Whether you've been watching Margot Robbie dominate the box office or new Disney movies have been on repeat in your household, these pop-culture references will be immortalised in the Alpha Gen.

  1. Anakin

  2. Elio

  3. Esmerelda

  4. Jetson

  5. Neo

  6. Sylvester

  7. Margot

  8. Valentino

  9. Primrose

  10. Thaddeus

Calm and curious names.

It's no secret that the buzzword in the baby community in 2023 was 'gentle parenting'. The philosophy, which enlists calm and collected responses to children's behaviour, will be a big dictator of the baby names of 2024. Think serene, light and fresh.

  1. Amias

  2. Cyril

  3. Ellis

  4. Florian

  5. Ines

  6. Oisin

  7. Rafe

  8. Selah

  9. Valo

  10. Willa

Tech names.

On the opposite end of the spectrum to the natural, earthy name trend, we've got the emergence of tech-inspired monikers. Parents will be looking towards the science, gaming, mathematics and engineering realms to choose a name. Baby Tesla, anyone?

  1. Astra

  2. Calyx

  3. Edison

  4. Kepler

  5. Linnea

  6. Mars

  7. Solar

  8. Tripp

  9. Una

  10. Vela

-ai names.

Sometimes there doesn't need to be a huge amount of inspiration behind a baby nam,e and parents choose something simply because it sounds nice. Coming up the ranks are baby names that end in -ai.

  1. Adlai

  2. Cai

  3. Jasai

  4. Khai

  5. Malakai

  6. Mordecai

  7. Sai

  8. Shakai

  9. Sinai

  10. Zai

Music-inspired names.

Once again, parents are turning to the great icons of music to help name their children. These names are strong and bursting with personality.

  1. Bowie

  2. Elton

  3. Elvis

  4. Guthrie

  5. Iggy

  6. Lennon

  7. Pixie

  8. Nirvana

  9. Stevie

  10. Zeppelin

Now that we have a good grasp of the name predictions on the horizon, let's take a look at what will be the most popular names in 2024. According to research from McCrindle, these are the most popular monikers we're going to keep seeing:

Most popular girl names 2024.

  1. Charlotte

  2. Amelia

  3. Isla

  4. Olivia

  5. Mia

  6. Ava

  7. Matilda

  8. Ella

  9. Grace

  10. Willow

Most popular boy names 2024.

  1. Oliver

  2. Noah

  3. Leo

  4. William

  5. Henry

  6. Jack

  7. Theodore

  8. Hudson

  9. Charlie

  10. Luca

And when all else fails you can name them Bob. Nothing wrong with Bob!

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