How to work out if your family honestly love or hate your chosen baby name.

Choosing a baby name has become, for many parents, one of the biggest, and potentially most fraught, decisions of your life.

What was once a relatively simple process is now so much more complicated. Not only is there a seemingly infinite list of boys and girls names to choose from, but there’s the added pressure to have it meet a bunch of criteria our grandparents probably never considered, from how unique it is, to how easy it is to mispronounce and misspell.

These are the most popular baby names throughout the decades. Post continues.

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And if you’re someone who wants your family and friends to genuinely like the baby name you chose – or know you’ll never hear the end of it if they don’t – then there’s also their opinion to consider.

Well – just as for everything else in our modern world – there’s an app for that.

It’s called Namey and it lets you send out your own polls to whoever you choose so they can essentially vote on your baby name.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a member of the kind of family who will lie to be polite rather than tell you what they really think, this could be the best way to get their honest opinion. It’s also perfect for people who prefer their interactions to be faceless and painless.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer anything to help with the hurt feelings or arguments that may follow when your family aren’t so fond of your chosen name.

But we have no doubt there’s someone working on an app for that too.

Would you put a poll out to family and friends on a potential baby name? Tell us in the comments below.