Pregnant women dancing to 'Baby Mama' are all over Instagram. And we can't stop watching.


We have a confession.

We’re obsessed with watching expecting women in the final stages of their pregnancy dance to a song called ‘Baby Mama’ by Starrkeisha.

“Baby mamas this yo song, been preg-na-nt for way too long,” they lip-sync to the camera, often with their partners spinning around them.

Popular amongst influencers, the dance trend has gone viral this year and has seen the likes of The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne and Big Brother’s Skye Wheatley take part.

If you haven’t had yet heard of the Baby Mama dance, then clear your schedule for the next hour, because these minute-long videos are literally addictive to watch.

Whenever it shows up on our newsfeeds, we can’t help but watch them approximately 72 times. Each. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s hard to… explain. So we’ve rounded up all the best ones we could find, so you can see for yourself. Behold…

Laura Byrne

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Happy due date kiddo. It’s TIME to vacate the premises. ???? ???? @barton.louis

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Lauren Dubois

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This was meant to be a joke for my friend @jessiikawilson (the original and the best #babymama dancer) and then you watched it and laughed and told me to put it on my feed and so here I am making it permanent and I’m not entirely sure why … but fuck it, I had fun and never again will I dance with my midriff on show, so might as well remember this one. I should say, it was all fun and games until I needed a good lie down because of how embarrassingly out of breath this made me. Also, I apologise for my pseudo-sultry dancing face. No matter how hard I try, this is the face I make when dancing. It’s a known problem and I’m working on it. And to those requesting an appearance from Sarge… I’m willing to redo it if he is #hewouldneversayyes???? #32weekspregnant #babymamadance #babymamachallenge Tag your pregnant friends who need to do their own version ????????????

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Jessiika Wilson

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Just the most requested video of 2019, YA WELCOME. #babymamadance #officiallycantwalk #twerktillidie #38weekspregnant

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Hannah Polites


Skye Wheatley


LaBrant family

Mrs LaTruth


Emilee Hembrow