Meet Boston, the four-month-old baby with the most glorious head of hair we've ever seen.


Of all the reasons we have to be jealous of babies (they can sleep whenever they want, are wheeled around by another person all day, get fed after throwing a tantrum), we never thought we’d come across one with an enviable head of hair.

But oh, we’ve found one.

And he has a mane more thick, shiny and glorious than a lion cub’s, at a height that puts characters from Dragon Ball Z to shame.



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Melts my heart ❤️ 16 weeks old ????????

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Boston turns 3 months old ???????? Wearing

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Meet Boston, the four-month-old baby boy who stops people in their tracks not only for his adorable face but his downright insane head of hair.

Speaking to Mamamia, his mother Tara Simich, founder of fitness company The Jungle Body, said he “causes a stir anywhere he goes”.

“We have had lots of businesses reach out to use him for promotions,” she said.

“Lots of people say he looks like a little troll and a few have said Richard Wilkins which is hilarious for a little baby. Most people are just in utter shock!”

She added that her husband has thick hair too “so you can see where he gets it from”.

Boston is a popular feature on his mother’s Instagram along with his older brother Jagger, and beneath every image of the boy with the spiky mop of thick light brown hair is an influx of comments from adoring fans.

People are officially obsessed (and so are we).


“That hair is everything,” one person commented recently.

“His hair is just insane!,” another said.

One simply added: #hairgoals. (Same).

Last year, we had a similar reaction to images of baby Chanco, the seven-month-old baby from Japan whose hair is simply a thing of beauty.

The little girl was born with full head of hair, and at seven months had more than most kids have when they start school.

It was… epic.

Check it out:

Yep. We’re jealous.