The one wish Aya Masaarwe's father has after his daughter's brutal murder.

Saeed Maasarwe has been through a hell no parent could imagine in Australia these past few days.

And while he’s now on his way home to mourn with his family – it’s a family who are one daughter less than they were a week ago. His 21-year-old “angel” Aya cruelly ripped from this earth after she was raped and murdered returning from a comedy show in Melbourne last Tuesday, where she was studying as an exchange student.

He was flown to our country not to visit his daughter while she on the trip of a lifetime, but in response to the earth-shattering news that Aya had been killed. Killed on the streets of a country he believed would be safe for his little girl.

what happened to aiia
Saeed Maasarwe at a vigil in Melbourne. Image: Getty.

But before he boarded the same plane carrying his daughter's body home for burial, he gave a tear-filled interview on The Project that deeply touched its viewers for one resounding reason.

His lasting message of hope.


It was an interview many parents would refuse. An interview which would see many filled with so much hate towards the country that failed to protect their child, they couldn't face it.

Instead, Saeed sat down, wiped his tears, and described his beloved daughter as the girl with the 'special smile'.

"Even in the night, in the dark you have star. Even in the dark you could see light. This is what Aya was - she looked every time in the light, in the positive."

Her cousin Sharef added: "She is full of life, full of energy. So happy. Her smile makes you smile, her laugh makes you laugh."

what happened to aiia masarwe
Aya Maasarwe was on the phone to her sister when she was attacked in Melbourne. Image: Facebook.

Saeed then thanked Australians for their support.

And - with words that broke hearts across the country, wished for nothing but peace.

"I wish from our tragedy that people can change here a little. If this, our tragedy could make the world, make Australia also, more better and more beautiful and can save the live of more people. This is the message we want to send."

It left viewers wondering; if a man who has lost his own daughter in a cold-blooded, senseless killing, can speak with such grace, and embody such love, how do we live in a world so filled with hate and evil?





20-year-old Codey Herrmann has been charged with Aya's rape and murder. He is a self-described aspiring songwriter and rapper who has multiple social media accounts featuring posts about drugs and depression.

He made a brief appearance at the Melbourne magistrates court on Monday, and will be remanded in custody until appearing in court again in June.