The 9 best things about being an adult (yes, your teenage self is judging you).

Times sure have changed…

Remember when you were a kid and you’d rather eat worms than take an afternoon nap?

Well, these days, I’d (almost) happily give up my cider habit in exchange for a regular 12pm snooze time.

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Your child-self might want to punch you, but here are 9 things that are awesome about being an adult, even though when you were a kid you thought they were incredibly lame.

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1. Watching the news in the morning instead of cartoons.

As a kid it was all about catching a few precious seconds of Arthur before being bundled off to school. Now, I actually can’t start my day without ABC News Breakfast. I’m addicted to Michael and Virginia’s light-hearted banter. Leave me alone.

Michael and Virginia forever.

2. NOT watching Home & Away.

I used to think I would actually die if I missed an episode. Imagine the horror of not knowing what happened that night? Hayley and Sam could break up. Vinnie might get out of jail. Gypsy might actually pash Shelley. Now I’m all grown up and mature my life doesn’t revolve around soap operas. Well, not as much…

3. Caring about home décor.

My mum used to literally drag me to places like Ikea and Freedom Furniture and I’d spend the whole time plonked on a couch, scowling and yawning. Now, an afternoon at a homewares store is like Disneyland to me.

4. Eating vegetables. 

Avocado when you are a kid: gross. As an adult: every meal please. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m now so old my tastebuds have started dying off, but I actively look forward to eating brussels sprouts and broccoli these days. And I’ve even been known to eat salad for lunch.


5. Wearing flat shoes.

As a teenager you can’t imagine going out of an evening wearing anything less than sky-high heels. As an adult, you leave those torture devices at home whenever you can. It’s all about the bliss and comfort of ballet flats. Am I right?

6. Coffee and alcohol.

As a kid, coffee and booze legit tasted like poison. You couldn’t understand why anyone would touch the stuff voluntarily. But as an adult? You want it injected directly into your veins.

7. Staying home on a Friday night.

When you were a teenager, nothing could be more pathetic. Now you are an adult, it is bliss. Pure, unadulterated bliss. Takeaway pizza and Sex and the City reruns? Best. Night. Ever.

8. Cardigans.

As a kid or teen, wearing a cardigan was like a passport to nana-town. Now, it’s just sensible. You don’t want to catch your death of a cold, do you? Comfort trumps goosebumps any day.

9. Not giving a sh*t what people think.

Back in the day you used to really care about what people thought of you. Now you’re an adult, ain’t nobody got time for that. It’s liberating.


What else are you celebrating about being an adult?