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Men and women share the drastically different ways they avoid sexual assault.

Sexual assault is a crime that affects both men and women, but how they protect themselves on a daily basis couldn’t be more different.

Mamamia sent a team out onto the streets of Sydney to ask men and women how they avoid sexual assault while travelling at night.

The responses were divided, as most men admitted it wasn’t something they considered while women immediately shared their go-to plans.

“I actually walk with my key in between my fingers. In case I need to hit somebody and run,” one woman said.

“I never use music when I’m walking by myself,” said another woman.

“As a man, it’s not really something I’ve thought about,” one man said.

A Sydney woman shares her prevention strategies. (Source: Original.)

One woman shared how she always checks the back of her car after a man slipped into her friend's car at a petrol station.

The woman explained how her friend had been alerted to the man's presence after the counter attendant asked her whether she knew somebody had just slid into her car.

The man was said to have been later found by police holding a knife.

Horror scenarios don't happen to all of us but you can reduce your risk by: maintaining contact with a friend when travelling alone, being aware of your surroundings and knowing that nothing is more important than your safety.