What does the average Australian wedding cost now? Answer: HOLY BAJEEZUS.

Remember the days of backyard weddings, or casual receptions at the local pub?

Getting married in the nearby church, and then having a few drinks at the neighbourhood scout hall? (Did anyone do that?!)

Those days are gone. Long, long gone.

When you factor in all the fashionable wedding must-haves these days, from personalised bomboniere to specialised videographers, the price of the average Australian wedding has sky-rocketed.

This is an expensive exercise.

According to a survey run by Bride to Be magazine, the average cost in Australia is now $65,482.

That’s a fair wad of cash.

 Want to save money on your wedding? Here’s how.

Three years ago, it was $36,000. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

We can only assume it was because of some of the crazier wedding trends that have come about in the past few years.

Underwater photo shoots, perhaps?

Destination weddings in any city other than the one that would be most convenient?

Fancy wedding invitations, maybe?

Hipster photography sessions? New and exciting wedding venues?

The list of new wedding trends is long and expensive. Not unlike a wedding itself.

No wonder so many couples are asking for cash at their weddings.

However, we don’t doubt that most couples would high-five and cheer “worth it!”. It’s now more traditional for a couple to pay for the wedding themselves, than to have the bride’s parents controlling the purse strings. So the sky’s the limit.

Why not blow a year’s salary on a lolly buffet and Polaroid cameras for every table? As long as there is musk sticks and cake and dancing, everyone’s a winner.

What do you think? Money well-spent, or money down the drain?

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