Her autistic son had a very public meltdown. But a kind stranger turned it all around.

“There is good in the world”.

Often when a mother sees another mum struggling with a very public tantrum, they can relate.

It was that sense of camaraderie that led to an act of kindness from a perfect stranger – a woman, who signed off her anonymous note as “from a mother who knows”.

Mum Lauren Copp Nordberg shared her nightmare day, which included several very public meltdowns by her austistic six-year-old, and the welcome act of generosity from a stranger that improved it on her Facebook page.

“I should have known better than to take him out for lunch after a dentist appointment, but he was so excited for pancakes and I promised so there was no turning back. He remembered that he forgot something at home that he wanted and within seconds he was in full on autistic meltdown. We had just ordered our food. After several minutes of stares, I took him outside until our food came so he could have his moments without me getting all the stares. Thankfully he calmed down when he saw food, ate the food, then amped right back up again.

When I asked the owner Cyndi Moody for our receipt, she presented me with this. Someone else had paid our bill. There is good in the world and this mama is thankful for the kindness of strangers.”

This is the letter Lauren received. Image via Facebook.

A lovely gesture from a woman who sounds as if she’s been there.