An Australian Survivor contestant was spectacularly voted off after turning on his own tribe.

Yes, well.

It’s that time of the year again.

The Australian Survivor 2018 contestants have entered the camps.

Huts have been constructed out of sticks and palm leaves.

People have somehow successfully rubbed sticks together to make fire.

Some terrible food has been cooked on said fires.

And there’s been a heck of a lot of drama. 

You see, this season it’s champions versus contenders and the contenders were the first to face the tribal council.

Heading into the tribal council, it looked like everyone was going to vote Steve, a quirky 58-year-old delivery driver from Sydney, off the island.

But then Matt chucked what can only be described as a big ole’ man tanty.

He accused Steve of “playing the game” and spending all his time looking for the immunity idols.

He accused the boys of forming a “bromance alliance”.

He then mansplained the “game” to the six women on his tribe and told them they needed to start playing it.

Then it was time to vote.

Seven out of Matt’s 12 tribe members voted him off the island.

He picked up his lil’ rucksack and mumbled, “Time to start playing the game, ladies” as he walked away, to which one of them replied, “We just did”.

Anywho, Twitter loved it:




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