Oi! Oi! Oi! We need to talk about the new Olympic uniforms...

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has revealed the uniforms our Olympians will wear at Rio’s opening ceremony in August and the only thing they’re missing is a broomstick. Or an oar.

Thin lines of green run down and around white blazers, reminding us of patriotism, the beauty of Draco from Harry Potter movies one to seven and perhaps, boating.

The uniforms were designed by Australian retailer Sportscraft, marking their seventh year to have partnered with the AOC.

The styles seem to be effortless in their evocation of imagery — in fact, many users across social media have thought of some other styles that spring to mind.


Underneath the blazers sleep a perfect white aesthetic of shirts, shorts and skirts. The only colour comes from the gentle flourishes of their neck wear and the thick-rimmed soles of their shoes.

The men sport yellow ties with green horizontal stripes whilst the women wear small scarves of green and gold.

Speaking to Sunrise, London Games silver medallist Jess Fox said she enjoyed the uniforms.

“I think it has got that fun Rio feel to it but it has that vintage inspiration to it from the previous Olympics,” she said.

On the Australian Rio 2016 website, it has been said the uniforms were designed with three priorities in mind: to honour the Australian Olympic heritage, to create uniforms that were as wearable as they are fashionable, and to find a common ground between the festive climate of Rio and the Australian lifestyle.

Let’s remember, Olympic outfits of yore haven’t always been, well…:

But the truth is, things could be worse. Much much worse:


Let’s hope they take any criticism with the same Aussie attitude and just laugh, shake it off and do us proud.

What does the new Aussie uniform remind you of?