All the classic Aussie snacks ranked from inedible to top-tier.

One thing I need you to know about me before we go any further is that I love a little treat.

There is nothing quite like that moment of joy and anticipation as you stand at the counter of your local bakery or corner store and decide what to get.

So I’d consider myself a bit of a snack connoisseur.

Is this a useless skill? Well, yes mostly. But I’ve decided to make it slightly less useless by creating a definitive ranking of classic Australian snacks.

Scientists have apparently found the perfect portion of chips and we disagree passionately. Post continues below.

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I can practically hear you disagreeing with me already, but here goes...

7. Vanilla Slice.

Also known as a “snot block” or “phlegm sandwich” (seriously, Aussies will find a gross/iconic nickname for just about anything), these are a tuckshop classic and still front and centre in most local bakeries.

The exact origins of the french-inspired snack aren’t really known, but we’ve claimed the pastry as our own.


The combination of puff pastry, icing sugar and smooth custard might do it for people, but it’s a no from me. The ratio is just… off. And anything that has a nickname associated with snot automatically slides to the bottom of the list.

6. Finger Buns.

The soft, sweet buns topped with pink icing and desiccated coconut are an absolute classic.

Sweet, savoury, bloody delicious. They also kind of look like Kyle Jenner’s fingernails.

They’re good, but not great.

5. Caramel Slice.

Now THIS is a slice I can get on board with.

Solid biscuit base, creamy caramel and hard chocolate, this iconic treat gives you the perfect hit of sweet, smooth and crunchy.

Will you feel like you need to either throw up or take a nap after you eat one too many? Of course, but wasn’t it worth it?

4. Pavlova. 

Technically pavlova is more of a dessert than a snack, but I feel like when it comes to quintessential Aussie favourites, this meringue-based treat will be on a lot of people’s lists.

And yes, yes, I can hear the Kiwis screaming at me that this originated in New Zealand. But just like Russell Crowe, we’ve claimed it as our own for some reason.

3. Meat Pies. 

I’m throwing this one in for my savoury girlies.

A pie can be a snack. A pie can be a meal. A pie can come in a million different flavours.


Whether you’re a tradie or a toddler, a meat pie always hits the spot.

What’s not to love?

2. Anzac Biscuits.

Similar to the dispute over the humble pav, there’s contention over whether these actually originated in Australia or New Zealand, but I feel like we can all agree they are incredible. 

The chewy, golden syruppy flavoured biscuit’s appeal might be that it’s a special occasion biscuit. Just like a Christmas ham, we don’t tend to crack them out every weekend (but if you do, all power to you!). 

1. Lamingtons.

The lamington is an Australian culinary icon. 

It’s a perfectly-sized little sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut. Seriously I dare you to find someone that doesn’t absolutely froth over these. 

They win and I will be taking no further questions at this time. 

And while we’re on that, the Cheesecake Shop is now slinging Red Velvet Cheesecake Lamingtons and I have already eaten more of them than I would care to admit. 

They are the combination I didn’t know I needed. You can thank me once you’ve tried them!

So there you have it, people. 

Are there any Aussie classics you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below. 

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