Sick of Tinder? 'Attrct' is the newest online dating app and it's... an interesting concept.

Single millennials of the internet: tell us you’ve never posted an Instagram story solely with the intention of it being seen by one person and we’ll call you out for what you are: a liar.

We’ve all done it.

The method of attempting to lure a potential love interest by letting the world know what you’re up to with what just *happens* to be a total thirst trap of a selfie is foolproof.

So much so, it’s become the basis of a new dating app.

Mamamia staff reveal their funny Tinder stories. Post continues after.

It’s called Attrct, very trendily named by dropping the second vowel in “attract” to appeal to the hipster masses and yes, we’re intrigued.

Launched last week, it allows its users to send “stories” to other app users they’re interested in meeting.

It’s much like Instagram, but your followers are other hopeful singles nearby that you’ve matched with.

Initially, the idea of having to perfectly frame your day-to-day life in pictures (because, pls, it’s not like we’re going to post the boring salad we ate for lunch) just to secure a date seemed like… a lot of work.


But on the other hand, it’s a great way to judge someone not only on their looks, but on what they do on a regular day.

Plus, if Tinder dating hasn’t led us to completely lose faith in humanity, what harm could signing up to another dating app possibly do?


In the interest of true investigative journalism, I decided to set up a profile:

... Oh.

We guess it's still pretty new.

Our verdict? It's a good idea in theory, but we also feel like it could be potential unsolicited d*ck pic territory.

Time will tell.

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