There is nothing more terrifying that an Angel on a mission. Just ask Ariana Grande.


The world can end now. It’s not going to get any better than this.

Ariana Grande, pint-sized singer with big voice and a widely-reported diva problem, performed in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Parade yesterday. While she was singing Bang Bang, she got slapped by an angel wing.


Apparently, Ariana got in the way of Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk. Do NOT get in the way of Elsa Hosk. She will trample you and smile.


So this is how it happened. First, Ariana made the mistake of getting caught up in a melodious moment.



But there was a catwalk to be catwalked.



Suddenly, all Ariana could see was leg. Leg, leg, leg, wing, leg.



And a scarily impressive stomach.



But it’s okay. She got touched by an angel, and she lived.


Phew. Every man for himself in Angelworld. Lucky Ariana has a Grande sense of humour.

Bang Bang into my face. Well played, Grande.

The right side of Ariana’s face, which she doesn’t like to be photographed:


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