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'We weren't compatible.' The Bachelors Thomas and Leah are no longer together.

Thomas was our most mature bachelor. 

He seemed to be looking for love with the right woman (as long as she didn't have... kids). 

In the finale, it came as a surprise to precisely no one that Thomas chose Leah. 

He even proposed, which seems like a terrible idea but made our good friend Osher extremely happy. 

So are Thomas and Leah still together? 


After the finale aired, Thomas and Leah confirmed they've already gone their separate ways. 

“I think it was two or three months after the finale," Thomas told 10 Play. "We had an amazing time together, and we spent incredible moments together on the show and also after the show… but we realised, spending time together, we had lots of love and care for each other but we weren’t compatible and compatibility is so important." 

“We made the decision to stay friends, to still support one another but obviously go our different routes finding love." 

“I’m devastated to this day I didn’t get what I wanted from it, but I also found so much more from it,” Leah added. 

“I love who I am now, I can look at myself in the mirror like damn Leah you should be so proud of yourself. I gave something a go and I didn’t hold anything back,” she said.


Here's all the evidence we gathered during the finale that they were no longer together: 

1. Thomas may or may not be on Hinge.

According to So Dramatic, Thomas was seen on the Hinge dating app in September. 

A fan of the podcast sent a screenshot to host Megan Pustetto. However, when Pustetto reached out to Channel Ten, they told her it was just an old account. 

“This is an old account that was set up last year and hasn’t been used since being cast on The Bachelors Australia,” they told the publication. “I wouldn’t read too much into it.” 

2. A near-death experience changed his perspective. 

In October, Thomas was involved in a near-fatal motorbike accident. 

He then posted a cryptic message on Instagram about how it changed his perspective on things. 

“Before the accident, I was lacking clarity and a few situations in my life got me distracted and as a result, I was disconnected from my higher self,” he wrote. 

I mean... that could mean anything. 

3. Neither Thomas nor Leah have posted on Instagram after the finale.

We're yet to see a cute confirmation video or photo from the couple so that could mean one of two things: 

1. It's on its way. 

2. It's never coming.  

It never... came. 

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