6 tiny details we all missed in Meghan, Harry and baby Archie's birthday video.

In wonderful news, Prince Archie, son of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, has turned one.

Yes, it does seem like he was only just born yesterday, but it’s true.

To celebrate the occasion, the non-royal royal family shared a video of Meghan reading a book to Archie called Duck! Rabbit!.

WATCH: Harry & Meghan: From Birth To Now. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia

The video was posted on the Save The Children UK Instagram account, to raise awareness and urgent funds for the charity’s coronavirus appeal. It also happens to be very, very cute.

It’s the first time we’ve seen baby Archie since his parents left the royal family for a new life in North America, and there’s a lot to unpack.

Here’s six things you missed in Meghan and baby Archie’s birthday video.


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1. Prince Harry’s commentary from behind the camera.

If you thought the royals would have a professional film this video for them, or an iPhone tripod with a ring light at the very least, you’re wrong.

It’s actually Prince Harry behind the camera, which becomes evident if you watch the video with sound.

Even though Meghan’s book reading was spot on (she’ll likely do a Disney voice over, after all), Prince Harry’s soft murmurs from behind the camera are gold.

Him saying quack quack and fish fish and duck rabbit is pretty much every person who can’t help but speak in baby talk when small humans are around.

2. Archie’s very visible emotional rollercoaster.

Archie is only one so we didn’t exactly hear him say this expressly, but judging from the young prince’s body language, reading this book was a bloody emotional rollercoaster.

At first, he didn’t really understand why he’d been rudely interrupted and forced to read Duck! Rabbit! for the 100th time, but Archie soon sucked it up and smiled for the camera like a good royal. Then, we watch as he struggled to figure out this duck/rabbit nonsense before signalling to mum to speed this sh*t up by helping her turn the pages.

Once both the imaginary duck and rabbit disappeared from the page, Archie had truly had enough and decided to pick up an infinitely superior book. Of course, mum said he had to finish the other one first. Ugh.

Finally, he threw a book in protest, but it didn’t matter because he then gurgled some words and everyone loved him again. What a ride.

Wait, is it a duck... or a... rabbit? Image: Instagram.
OK, this is kind of a cute family moment. I'll play along. Image: Instagram.
Could you pls speed it up a bit mum? I've got sh*t to do. Image: Instagram.
Nup I'm out of here. Image: Instagram.
NEXT. Image: Instagram.

3. Did we hear Archie's first words?

On that note, we may or may not have heard one of Archie's first words on camera.

Right at the end of the video, after the reading was done and Archie was free, he looked straight down the barrel of the camera and uttered something that sounded a lot like 'dad, dad, dad, dad, dad'.

Meghan reckoned he was trying to say Duck! Rabbit!, but we have a feeling it was a cry for help because nap time started, like, 20 minutes ago.

4. The precise moment Meghan (almost) loses it.

It must be said that Meghan powers through reading this book like an absolute saint.

Even after her baby literally closed their book, started crying, picked up another one before throwing it on the ground, twice, she still managed to read the tale of Duck! Rabbit! with a smile.

But if you watch closely, we reckon this is the precise moment Meghan almost loses it.

Any parents of babies relate? Image: Instagram.

5. The fact Archie has his own book club.

This is a very small detail spotted by royal fans.

If you look closely, Archie's copy of Duck! Rabbit! has a sticker on it. And that sticker reads 'Archie's Book Club'.


Just to clarify, Archie is one and already, he's running his own high-profile book club a la Oprah and Reese Witherspoon. Yep.

6. Just how much baby Archie looks like his dad.

Finally, it would be rude not to point out just how much baby Archie looks like baby Prince Harry.

Thankfully, Twitter has kindly surfaced old photos of Prince Harry as a baby and plonked them alongside baby Archie. That said, some reckon he looks a lot like his mum as well.


Happy birthday, Archie. Don't forget to let us know what next month's book club read is, yeah?

Feature image: Instagram/@savechildrenuk.