LEIGH CAMPBELL: Do those silicone anti-wrinkle patches actually work? An investigation.

I have a friend. Let’s call her Jessie. 

I call her that because it’s her name. She works at Mamamia with me and is a co-host on the very excellent podcast, Mamamia Out Loud, amongst other things.

This week Jessie sent me an SOS. She has a big birthday coming up and as such, Facebook decided she needed to be heavily targeted with anti-ageing ads. (So kind of you to foster our insecurities, Mark.)

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The product shoved in her face that piqued her interest most were anti-wrinkle patches. She was intrigued so asked me if they work. 

Jessie, this post is dedicated to you. Think of it as an early birthday gift.

What are anti-wrinkle patches?  

Just as the name suggests, they’re patches - or pads - that are said to reduce the visible look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike topical creams that are massaged in and absorbed, these pads contain ingredients that work on targeting your area of concern while they are worn, usually overnight. They are most commonly used on the chest and decolletage, but you can also get them for the eye area and around the mouth. They are also reusable. 

The most popular brand you may have heard of is Wrinkle Schminkles, however more and more brands offering similar products are popping up right now, so they're becoming a bit of a trend.

The patches are made of silicone, which has long been used by surgeons to promote healing on post-surgery scars. The same premise works on wrinkles - the patch acts like a support for the skin, ironing out the lines and also locking in moisture underneath. The result is said to be smoother, more hydrated skin. 


Do anti-wrinkle patches really work?

I actually think they do. Particularly for the chest region, because most creases there are from dehydration and side-sleeping. 

When you stick one of these patches on it smooths out the lines and also plumps out creases by way of moisturisation.

Using one of these pads makes you more conscious of your sleeping position, too - I find I sleep on my back more when I wear them (which we know is better for us all round).

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It’s the type of product that works ‘instantly’ in that it’s best used in the lead up to an event. The last time I used them was before I was a bridesmaid (in a strapless dress) for my bestie’s wedding. 

Think of it like a spray tan - not a daily or weekly thing but for when you want to feel extra spesh. 

Do we need anti-wrinkle patches in our routine?

Generally, no. As you need to apply them to bare skin, you can’t apply any skincare underneath, which is a bummer. And while they’re not uncomfortable to wear, you definitely know when you’ve got one on. 

I’m of the opinion that you’re better off applying your skincare diligently (because our face stops at our nipples, remember!) twice daily, including SPF down our necks and across our chests every morning.

Then, pull out the big guns like these patches for special events.

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