The annual leave hack that will turn three days of annual leave into 10 days off work.

For most Australians, annual leave consists of just 20 blissful days.

And boy, does it go by fast.

But throw in a bit of strategic planning, and there’s loads of ways to squeeze out just a little extra time off.

A New Zealand radio station has deciphered the perfect plan to turn three days of annual leave into a whopping 10 days off work.

Perfect for those working Monday to Friday 9 to 5 jobs (we’re sorry, shift workers), this hack involves incorporating the Easter long weekend and the Anzac Day public holiday to get over a week off in April 2019.

april 2019
Here's how to do it. Image: The Hits (Facebook).

After the four-day Easter long weekend, you should request leave for April 23 and 24.


After taking these two annual leave days, you will then get another day off on April 25 for Anzac Day – that's seven days off work!

And if you've got annual leave days to spare, requesting Friday April 26 off will take you into another weekend, bringing you to ten days off in a row.

You can thank us later...

Next year's Easter public holiday dates also coincide with school holidays in New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia, making it the perfect time to request leave for parents.

Incorporating public holidays is a super easy way to extend your annual leave.

If you'd rather go away outside of school holidays, you can utilise the Queen's Birthday public holiday in June (excluding Western Australia and Queensland) to turn one annual leave day into a four day weekend. Simply take annual leave on Friday June 7 and voila, four days off!

You're so, so welcome.

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