We're calling it. These are the 5 of the most annoying story lines in television history.


I’m annoyed just writing this.

TV is my favourite thing in the world but sometimes it does weird things.

Like when it made The Big Bang Theory and that other time it made Two and a Half Men.

But here are, by far, the five most annoying story lines in TV history:

1. When Derek died in Grey’s Anatomy.

annoying tv storylines

OK, Grey's Anatomy is a TV show about doctors who save people's lives.

Derek Shepherd was one of said doctors. Over the course of his time on the series he saved many a life by doing normal medical type things like CT scans, and resuscitation, and surgery and what not.


But then he dies after an accident because the hospital doesn't perform a simple CT scan.

It's... it's... so friggin' frustrating. It's also a complete waste of McDreamy life.

2. When Rachel and Joey got together in Friends.

annoying tv storylines
Oh no. Image: NBC.

This was a crime against, well, friends.

In the later seasons of Friends, the writers thought it was a good idea to get Rachel and Joey together.


It was all very weird and even Rachel and Joey seemed confused by it.

Thankfully they rectified the situation before the end of the series and Rachel ended up with Ross... and his dinosaurs.

3. When Dan is Gossip Girl.

annoying tv storylines
This is not a thing. Image: The CW.

In the final episode of Gossip Girl they reveal who, erm, gossip girl is and it's... Dan.






4. When Eleven joins a bunch of punks in Stranger Things.

annoying tv storylines
This should not have happened. Image: Netflix.

Well, this was a thing that never needed to happen.

In episode seven of season two of Stranger Things, the writers decided to leave Hawkins and follow Eleven as she travels to Chicago to connect with her long lost sister, Eight.

They shouldn't have done this.

It was possibly the most annoying, unnecessary and boring TV episode in the history of TV episodes.


Also, we had no idea what was happening in Hawkins during this time and that made me sad.

5. When Rory hooked up with married Dean on Gilmore Girls.

annoying tv storylines
Please no. Image: The WB.

In the later Gilmore years, Rory hooked up with her ex-boyfriend when he was married. Yes, he was married at like 18, and yes, she lost her virginity to him while he was married.

It was all very weird and sad and unnecessary and IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JESSE.

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