"Your world completely shifts." Anna Faris has opened up about her son's health issues.

The optimal health and general wellbeing of our children is something every parent wishes for. But for some, including Anna Faris – actress and the mother of five-year-old Jack – there were complications.

In her recent podcast, Unqualified, Anna Faris was joined by guests Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNeary to share the emotional trials that accompanied such heartache.

He said, with defiance, “I’m building a nest and laying my eggs.”

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Anna gave birth to Jack earlier than expected at seven months, which led to many subsequent health issues for the premature baby.

“When Jack was born two months early, it came as a huge shock. And suddenly, your world completely shifts,” Anna shared during the podcast.

“I woke up at two fifteen to a massive gush. The bed was soaked, and even though I felt the fluid coming out of my vagina, I smelled it to make sure it wasn’t pee,” she continued.


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“Jack had a few surgeries. He had a few hernia surgeries, he’s had a few eye surgeries, and he had a little heart issue as well.”

In her book Unqualified, released in October last year, Faris wrote of the moment they learned Jack had health complications.

“The pediatric neurosurgeon sat Chris and me down to tell us that Jack had some severe brain bleeding and there was a chance that he could be developmentally disabled,” Faris wrote.”I was in complete shock … So Chris and I did what we could, which was hold hands and hope and face it together.”

Faris wrote that her then-husband Chris Pratt was “amazing” throughout the ordeal.

Chris Pratt wrote a ‘breakup message’ to Anna Faris that was published in her new book.

“He decorated my room with posters and photos and he came to the hospital every night after work with desserts for me and, sometimes, a six-pack of beer for himself, and he’d just sit with me and hold my hand or crawl into bed,” she wrote.

Despite the horror of watching their already fragile child endure such complications immediately after birth, the experience led Faris and Pratt to become more involved in the global prevention of stillbirths and prematurity.

“The doctors and nurses that helped us and surrounded us were so unbelievably supportive that it inspired Chris and I and my parents to all get involved in this,” Anna concluded.