Chris Pratt wrote a 'breakup message' to Anna Faris that was published in her new book.

Anna Faris’ memoir Unqualified was released last week, just a couple of months after she announced her separation from her ex-husband, Chris Pratt.

Although the book was written before the breakup, Faris chose not to make any major changes to it after the couple announced their separation.

“At first, I was really nervous about the idea of the book coming out and coinciding with these major life changes we were having, but Chris is amazing,” she told the New York Times.


In true Faris and Pratt style, they didn’t shy away from discussing their relationship and breakup in the memoir. In fact, Pratt wrote the foreword for the book as a very Chris Pratt-y love letter to his ex-wife.

The foreword includes some touching moments… and a couple of fart jokes.

“When I was asked to write the forward [sic] for Unqualified, Anna’s memoir, I immediately said yes without even thinking about it. And boy did a lot happen between then and now,” Pratt begins in the foreword. “So much. Like … soooo much.”

He then goes on a very Pratty tangent about not knowing how to spell foreword before praising his ex-wife’s reading habits.

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“She reads the big five: The New York TimesLA TimesThe Seattle TimesThe New Yorker, and The Economist. Whereas I read “The Big 5” sporting goods ads, looking for good deals on guns and Rollerblades,” he continues.

Pratt then, in true Pratt style, talks about his ex-wife’s farts – or lack thereof.

“And in all the years we were together, I don’t think I smelled her farts once,” Pratt wrote in one portion. “They’re probably not too bad.”

In Unqualified Faris talks about her life before and after Hollywood, her relationship with Pratt and the cheating rumours that punctuated their marriage. It’s available in good bookstores now.