This is what Anna Chlumsky from My Girl looks like now.

In 1991, the Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky film My Girl, would give us one of the most tragic scenes in teen cinematic history.

The coming-of-age film followed 11-year-old hypochondriac and poet, Vada Sultenfuss (Chlumsky) who is best friends with Thomas J. Sennett (Culkin), an awkward, unpopular boy at her school.

While we still can’t look at bee hives or mood rings without a pang of sadness, it’s very important we answer the question: What’s Anna Chlumsky up to now?

Watch the trailer for My Girl here:

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Twenty eight years later, Chlumsky is no longer the poem-writing, tomboy that touched our younger hearts in 1991, but she’s still on our screens.

After starring in My Girl and My Girl 2 in 1994, the 38-year-old took a brief hiatus to study a Bachelors of International Studies at the University of Chicago, graduating in 2002. She then briefly worked in publishing before returning to acting.

Anna Chlumsky Veep
Chlumsky in her Emmy-nominated and SAG-award winning role as Amy Brookheimer on Veep. Image: HBO.

While she's most recognised for her Emmy-nominated and Screen Actor's Guild Award winning role as political aid Amy Brookheimer on Veep (who she stars alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Chlumsky has also appeared on 30 Rock, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Hannibal and Army Wives.

Speaking to CNN in 2012, the actress reflected on her unintentional break from acting, despite her 'child star status'.

"It was not my decision at first," she said.

"It was me going through puberty and not being cute on screen. I auditioned a lot during my adolescence for things and it just didn't take, so that took its toll because being an adolescent it can be less than fun to be told that someone doesn't like you anymore.

"That was pretty much what drove me to the conscious decision to give it a rest."

Amy Chlumsky Shaun So
Chlumsky and her partner Shaun So in 2012. Image: Getty.

In terms of her personal life, while she apparently hasn't spoken to her My Girl co-star "in like 20 years" (awwww) she is married, with two children. In 2008 Chlumsky said "I do" to her long-time college sweetheart Shaun So and they currently share two daughters - five-year-old Penelope Joan So and two-year-old Clara Elizabeth So.

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