'He's one of my best friends.' Before Angie Kent was the Bachelorette, she was a carer for Tom.

Before she was on The Bachelorette, Angie Kent graced our screens on Gogglebox alongside her friend and housemate, Yvie Jones.

But Angie and Yvie had a third housemate Tom, who we never saw because, apparently, the casting agents didn’t want him on the show.

Tom is 38-years-old and has Down syndrome and diabetes, and according to Angie, he’s also one of her best friends.

Angie and Tom appeared on The Project on Wednesday night to talk about the need for more support for people with disabilities.

They also aimed to “raise community awareness around the amazing work carers, support workers, friends, family and housemates do.”

Tom is very much someone that just lives in the moment. He’s very passionate. And he just constantly puts a smile on my face,” Angie explained. 

Watch Angie and Tom’s interview on The Project. Post continues after video. 

Angie – along with Yvie – lived with Tom and acted as his carer for three and a half years in inner Western Sydney.  The three of them quickly became like family. 

We loved to go out for dinner together and get the giggles. Lots of singing and dancing, usually.”

“Yvie, Tom and I have been to Bali twice. I have taken Tom to the UK once.”


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This is one of my bestest friends Sir Thomas Hancock. I lived with Tom for 3.5 years and after that I became a qualified support worker last year when I no longer lived with him and @yvie_jones … Tonight Tommy, myself, one of his amazing house mates Scott and Toms queen of a mother Rachael will be chatting about Toms living situation on @theprojecttv to raise community awareness around the amazing work carers, support workers, friends, family and house mates do, and the diversity of these roles. Tune in tonight from 6:30pm to find out about the magic behind this living arrangement and how we can help support those in need. We all need a little help at the end of the day right? #nationalcarersweek #carers2019 #whywecare #tomsplan #bacheloretteau #theproject

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When Tom turned 21, his parents bought him a house so he could live his life more independently.  For the past 17 years, housemates like Angie have been caring for Tom in return for free rent.


I’m there to help him with his diabetes, get him up in the morning, make sure he’s having a healthy routine. It’s one of those things where it doesn’t feel like work because there’s so much love. You are like a family.” 

Angie has now become a qualified support worker but says the government needs to do more to support people with disabilities find a place to live. 

“It comes down to the government having more housing arrangements where people can live kind of like in a community. Where half of it is able-bodied and half is disabled. You work together and live in a community and support each other,”  she said.

Tom is now living with his friend and new carer, Scott Thompson, after Yvie moved to Melbourne to host Fox FM’s breakfast show and Angie moved out.

But he still gets to see Angie on The Bachelorette. Although, he doesn’t enjoy watching her kiss guys on the show.

It’s embarrassing…” said Tom. 

I’m supposed to kiss the boys! I want to find out which is a good boy for us to hang out with, obviously!” Angie responded.


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Goodbyes are always hard. And funny when you’re in our house! Bye Tom. I’ll miss you xx

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While they might not be housemates anymore, Angie says Tom is living his best life.

“He has a better social life than I do. He has a glorious house in the inner west of Sydney which a lot of people don’t, he has so many amazing friends.

“I think that Tom is living his best life and then some.”