Very rich people who like pretty children are buying baby-sized clones of Angelina Jolie.




Do you look like Angelina Jolie?

Are you thinking of donating your eggs?

Do you want to combine those two ideas into one sci-fi $30,000 opportunity?

According to TMZ, there is a trend of parents requesting donor eggs that look like Angelina Jolie. Apparently an advertisement surfaced from an egg-donor clinic, willing to pay $30,000 for any Jolie-lookalikes who would offer up a good egg.


That one definitely looks like Ange.

The egg donors must have “high cheekbones and forehead” and be “tall and slender”. They also must be white. It was not specified that they need to be married to Brad Pitt, but it would probably be ideal.

Maybe someone is trying to fill the void that Angelina will create when she inevitably quits acting. Maybe someone is trying to create their own Tomb Raider. We don’t know.

Can’t help but wonder how Angelina would feel if she saw a little mini-clone of hers running around. Maybe she could get into the business herself. She’d make a fortune, AND she would be able to build her own army.


Although, when we look through here… we get it.



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