Andy Lee joins Hugh Jackman in a tap-dance. And it's pretty great.

Who knew the man could tap?

At his one-man show in Melbourne last night, Hugh Jackman pulled a special guest up from the audience.

And Andy Lee – the straighter half of comedic radio duo Hamish and Andy – just happened to be sitting front row.

“Hamish managed to slip that your childhood dream was perhaps to sing and dance on the stage at some point in your life,” Hugh said to Andy during his Hugh Jackman: Broadway to Oz extravaganza.

“And we’ve got a stage, we’ve got a band, what do you reckon?”

Andy, ever the good sport, gets up in front of the 10,000-strong audience.

Though the fake impromptu tap-off was actually three months in the making.

And it was pretty bloody impressive.

Watch it here:

Video via Hamish and Andy

As Andy said: “It doesn’t matter what I think because if the Wolverine asks you to tap, you f—king tap.”

Not one to be left out, Hamish also made a guest appearance, introducing himself as “internationally famous percussionist, Hamish Blake”.

Though not quite as impressive as his side-kick, Hugh seemed to be blown away by Hamish’s musical talents.


“When you’re in, like, the presence of that kind of talent and charisma, sometimes that can be off-putting,” he said.

But our money’s on Andy.

Bindi Irwin had better look out. I think we just found our next favourite dancing celebrity.

The pair were on The Project tonight recounting their nerve-wracking cameos. The hosts (like all of us) were pleasantly surprised by Andy’s hidden talent. Peter Heliar suggested he even start his own one man show: Tap That.