And on the third day of my period, I just want to dance.

Why don’t ads for tampons or pads ever mention vaginas? Why do they instead feature girls running on beaches and dancing while wearing all-white outfits? Kotex in Australia decided a few years ago to challenge the way feminine hygeine products are advertised with their Beaver ads and now, Kotex in the US are doing the same thing.

This may well be my favourite ad since, well, my last favourite ad. Check this out…

I reckon I’ve watched that at least 10 times and I still adore it.

And here is how the ad came about:

Social advocacy website reports….

I just want to DANCE…..

Kotex decided to “break the cycle” of bad tampon ads with a new campaign to ditch the euphemisms and ridiculous scenes of happy, dancing women in favor of real talk and some gold old-fashioned self-mockery. Unfortunately, television networks would really prefer that they stick to the euphemisms and scenes of women running on a beach.

Three broadcast networks rejected an ad for using the dirty word “vagina.” So Kotex had the ad reshot, using the second grade euphemism “down there.” Two out of three networks still considered that to be inappropriate. (Unfortunately, they’re not telling which networks made this ludicrous decision, or you can bet they’d be getting emails from readers.)

The campaign also lets you make your own tampon ad spoof; even better, for every signature, Kotex will donate $1 to Girls for Change, an organization that empowers women to, well, change things.

Right. So the moral of the story is: just don’t say vagina. Period.

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