14-year-old Amy Winehouse singing happy birthday is eerie and incredible.

Amy Winehouse was born a star.

Even at 14, her glorious voice was fully formed, as a home video of her at a friend’s birthday shows.

Winehouse, who died in 2011 at 27, was being filmed by the birthday girl herself. That girl now has an incredible keepsake from her 14th birthday party.

The video begins with customary teenage-girl babble and offers of slobbery lollipops before one of the girls begins singing Happy Birthday.

The others join in, but gradually fall silent – Winehouse’s voice is just undeniable. You just want to listen to her.

She sings the song in her characteristic jazzy style, adding some theatrical moves for good measure.

Before the beehive, Winehouse was a typical teenager with an amazing voice.

The scene features in the new documentary about the singer’s life, simply titled Amy.

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It was directed by Senna director Asif Kapadia and features incredible archival footage from Winehouse’s life.

The movie is out in cinemas July 2.

The life and times of Amy Winehouse…