It's time to incorporate an AMRAP workout into your fitness routine.

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AMRAP. For some reason this acronym always reminds me of a sandwich. Probably because I spend a large portion of my life thinking about food. Unfortunately for us all though, AMRAP is nowhere near as delicious as my breaded friend. Quite the opposite and much better for you.

If you’re not familiar with the term, in the fitness world AMRAP is an acronym for As Many Rounds As Possible, and the basic premise is that you complete as many rounds of a circuit as possible in a designated time. It’s great for intermediate athletes and beyond (although the intensity can be dialled down if necessary – you’re the one in control). I love it for a number of reasons, but here are my top five:

1. It’s versatile – you get to choose the time and the exercises, and you can work through it just as effectively with a group as you can as an individual. (post continues after gallery.)

2. It’s efficient – a 10-minute AMRAP workout – provided you’re really going for it – will push you to your limits, burning lots of calories and building strength and cardio fitness at the same time.

3. It brings out your competitive streak – I find this to be the case even with the most laid-back of my clients. Whether you’re racing just the clock, or the clock AND your teammates, you’re always racing.


4. Tracking your progress is simple – this is pretty self-explanatory… if you’re doing even one rep more than last time, you’ll know you’re improving. (For more fitness routines check out The Bachelor’s Sam Wood’s easy workout. Video continues after post)

5. It gets results. Add this into your fitness routine and watch your progress soar. Great for burning fat, improving cardiovascular fitness, strength and more, all dependent on the time/type/intensity of your chosen AMRAP.

OK, now you know why I love an AMRAP workout you’re ready to try the bodyweight version I’ve put together for you.

Give it a crack this weekend and let me know what you think.

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