"I've been told not to talk about it": Amanda Seyfried gets real about her mental health.

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In an age where celebrities project their perfect lifestyles, bodies and relationships from every social media channel possible, it’s refreshing when someone comes out and calls bullsh*t on it all.

Amanda Seyfried just became that celebrity.

In an interview with Marie Claire, the Ted 2 actress decided to talk about her mental health, in particular, her anxiety, despite her minders telling her not to break the Hollywood facade.

Therapy is coping with life. I’ve been told not to talk about it, but [anxiety] is so very common,” she told Marie Claire.

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“I just think, you go to your doctor about heart problems, or an eye doctor if you have an infection, you have to take care of yourself.”  (Post continues after gallery.)

Seyfried then went on to talk about the stigma admitting you have a mental illness incites.

Mental health is so segregated, it sucks. You don’t necessarily have something chemically wrong with your brain to have mental health issues,” she said.

Surprisingly, Seyfried’s anxiety largely stemmed from a fear of performing in front of people, a task she said she found “paralysing”.

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It got so bad that she told David Letterman in 2012 that she had “never done a live interview before noon without some sort of liquid courage.” (Post continues after gallery)




Watching that drunken interview was the catalyst that forced her to see a counsellor about her anxiety disorder.

“I have a lot of anxiety that I’ve been struggling with my whole life,” she told US Vogue earlier this year.

“So I have been working through it. I’m terrified, but this is exactly what I wanted.”


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The 29 year-old also revealed a big fear of hers – fertility.

“I keep feeling like my eggs are dying off. Once you’ve turned 30, you might only have a 20 per cent chance of getting pregnant [each cycle],” she told Marie Claire.


Seyfried and her dog, Finn. Image via Instagram (@mingey)


"And that's if everything is working well. Isn't that crazy?... I need to get on it... I want a child, badly."

"I've been feeling it for like, two years. I'm not ready, but nobody is ready," she said.



Seyfried has been dating fellow actor Justin Long, 37, for two years.

If you're living with anxiety, there are some great online resources to help you manage and understand it — Jean Hailes for women's health's anxiety online resource and Beyond Blue's anxiety facts page are both great places to start. If you need to talk to someone about your anxiety, or any other mental health issues, speak to your doctor, call Beyond Blue's helpline on 1300 22 4636 or use their web chat for immediate support between 3pm–12am

Do you have advice for anyone suffering anxiety?