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'Disturbing and concerning.' Why MAFS' Alyssa is slamming the show's producers.

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Married At First Sight is very much a phenomenon here in Australia. Sure, it's maybe not our most prestigious of offerings. But after 10 very dramatic seasons, there's no point in pretending we aren't utterly fascinated by the pure bin fire of it all.

But it's not just us! The Brits are also obsessed with our fake-married-to-influencer-pipeline, with the show airing in the UK pretty soon after it does here. Now the Americans are very much onboard too, as the show's most recent season heads to the US' Lifetime channel.

For one of the series' most recent stars, that's a problem.

Alyssa Barmonde — who was fake-married to Duncan James during the 10th season — has criticised show producers for not giving them a heads-up.

"Can't wait to have another round of bullying from another country," she wrote on her Instagram Stories on August 27.

"And still MAFS producers have no accountability or due diligence to let us know it's airing again. Where is the mental health support?"

Image: Instagram.


She shared a text message she sent a producer, saying she had been informed of the American airing by her sister.

"I am not ready for another berating of online hate and trolling," she told the producer. 

"What is [Endemol Shine] and [Channel Nine] going to do to support? And what other countries is it being aired in? Why were we not contacted?"

She said that after sending the text, her season's cast began to receive messages about it.

"Do [f**king] better MAFS. Literally no due diligence or care. So they weren't going to tell us unless I spoke up?"

Alyssa's time on the show ended in disaster after she received a bad 'edit' and was trolled, particularly over her oft-repeated line 'I have a child' and broken up with at final vows.

Following the show, Alyssa's TV-husband Duncan began a relationship with fellow contestant Evelyn Ellis.

On Instagram, Alyssa said neither gave her "respect" by giving her a heads up before officially 'hard launching' the relationship, which she found tough given she was friends with Evelyn during filming.

"I had to hear from someone else," she wrote.

Feature image: Nine.

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