ROAD TEST: 'I noticed results overnight.' 5 women road test the cult buy Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

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The perfect skincare routine is no easy feat.    

Especially when results might take months to reveal themselves, or you're on the hunt for a product that targets more than one skin concern, so you can (attempt to) simplify your routine. It's quite the journey to find such a rare godsend.

And then sometimes you come across said godsend and your skin thanks you. 

Enter this fan favourite; the award-winning chemical exfoliator, Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

Liquid Gold is a CULT Aussie skincare product (capitals necessary), it even has an Adore Beauty rating of 4.6 out of 5 (and this is from 2,038 reviews. Woah). It works its magic to target multiple skin concerns like skin texture, fine lines, pigmentation, blemishes and skin elasticity. 

Alpha-H even ran an independent clinical trial to let those sweet, sweet results speak for themselves. After their 8 week study with 26 participants, the results were in:

  • Skin elasticity was improved by 93 per cent
  • 88 per cent of people saw an improvement skin tone, texture and luminosity
  • 88 per cent of people noticed an improvement in texture
  • 96 per cent of people found the tolerability of Liquid Gold to be good to excellent

How It Works

Alpha-H Liquid Gold contains 5% Glycolic Acid, which works to breakdown the glue-like substance that holds dead skin on the surface of your skin. Breaking this down then leaves a brighter-looking complexion (cue singing angels). 

It also contains Licorice Extract (ooh) to further brighten the skin by helping to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, as well as regulating your oil production. The Silk Proteins in it are also used to help to protect the skin against the elements and prevent evaporative water loss.


It truly is sounding like the ~nectar of the beauty gods~ when we add all these findings together. It's hard not to immediately want to add this to cart. 

But first, we had 5 people put it to the test to see if the results really do deliver.

We gave the product a solid run to let it work its magic: using it 3 nights a week for 3 weeks.

Here's what we found.


Skin concerns: Acne scarring, redness and oily skin.

I loved this product, and for the first time ever, I can honestly say I noticed results overnight. 

The morning after first use, my skin looked brighter and healthier, and I noticed over the course of the three weeks that my skin texture had improved. It absorbs into skin quickly so there's no heavy or sticky feeling (huge tick). 

I followed up with serum and moisturiser for the first week, while I let my skin get used to the Glycolic Acid. Once I felt confident, I began using Liquid Gold on its own a couple of times a week, as suggested on the bottle. 

I can already see some of my acne scarring starting to visibly clear up; my blotchiness/redness has subsided; and I haven't experienced as many break-outs since using. Impressive stuff.

I've got oily, acne prone skin, and I think this is a great product for anyone in that camp with me. It's suited to all skin types of course, but I can't sing its praises enough for what it did to reduce the visibility of my acne scarring particularly. 


This product has definitely made its way into my heart and ongoing skincare routine.

Emma's before and after. Image: Supplied. 


Skin concerns: Fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

I was already an Alpha-H skincare fan, and will tell anyone about it that will listen. I regularly use their moisturisers and vitamin-packed serums, but had never tried the Liquid Gold.


I have truly been missing out because it is a game-changer. 

I recently upped my skincare regime in the lead-up to my wedding this month, and incorporated Liquid Gold into my routine. It had a slight tingle to it (the magical twinkle you feel when you know it's doing its job) and I would let it sit for a few minutes, before following with applying moisturiser. 

By adding such a quick and easy step to my regime (literally just a few swipes), my skin felt much more plump, and it definitely helped with my pigmentation, giving me an overall brighter and even skin tone. 

There is a reason this is a cult product because it truly works to improve skin texture and give you THE wedding glow.

Amy's before and after. Image: Supplied.



Skin Concerns: Oily skin and hormonal acne.

To give you a little bit of background about my skin, I generally have quite oily skin and I also suffer from regular hormonal acne breakouts around my jawline and neck. Unfortunately, one week 1 of trialing the Liquid Gold I got my period. And yep… that meant I had my regular hormonal breakout situation happening all along my jawline. 

So Alpha-H Liquid Gold really had a lot to battle against in week 1 of my trial. My first impressions were that it felt really refreshing on my skin. As soon as I applied the Liquid Gold my skin instantly felt fresher and it removed any trace of oily residue. My skin felt clean. Like really clean. 

I felt like my pores were visibly smoother and my skin felt really soft. I am 10000% going to add it into my regular skincare routine.

Bridgette's before and after. Image: Supplied. 



Skin concerns: Uneven skin tone and dullness.

This is truly a game-changer.

I have been using retinol to get the "retinol glow" I've heard about, which wasn't really happening for me just yet. But this Liquid Gold product made my skin so bouncy and visibly brighter. 

When applying this on the first night, I felt the little tingle and had a moment of panic, but realised this was totally normal.


It was a really simple step to add to my existing skincare routine, and I feel like it eliminated the need to moisturise so much so this bad boy could work its magic alone. 

I like how it leaves your skin feeling a bit tighter and plumper after applying it. Although the product had quite a distinctive smell (not bad, just not one I recognised!), I was definitely surprised at the results; I didn't realise the extent of the difference until I referred back to my photo I took of myself before I started this three week process.

Sucha difference!

(Of course I do have chapstick on in my After picture because winter came for my lips).

Michaela's before and after. Image: Supplied. 



Skin concerns: Fine lines, redness and pigmentation.

Oh, Alpha-H Liquid Gold, how I have always wanted to smother my face in you. I have always heard such stellar things about this product.

I was so excited to trial such a cult product to see how my dry/combo and redness-prone skin would react, and to reap the benefits that so many have boasted.

The first night I swiped the product over my skin I felt it tingling: love a clear sign that something is working!

Immediately, I felt that it had removed any dead skin cells on the surface, and the rest of my skincare was absorbed so deeply. 

So far, SO good. After using Liquid Gold for 3 weeks, the spoiler is that I'll still be using now until the end of time. 

I can say that my skin has achieved glazed-donut-glow goals.

It didn’t aggravate my redness, if anything I feel as though the overall tone of my skin has settled, with my pigmentation marks on my cheeks already fading.

I feel like my skin is more plump and have noticed the fine lines on my forehead and crows feet have reduced significantly. This product is absolutely gaining a permanent position in my skincare arsenal. Welcome to the family.


Maddie's before and after. Image: Supplied. 

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Alpha-H’s mission is to transform your skin, build its resilience and safeguard its health and vitality for life. Sustainably made on Australia’s Gold Coast, Alpha-H is the gold standard in clinically sophisticated, results-driven, corrective skincare. With a 25-year heritage, Alpha-H is a pioneer – and now authority – in the use of Glycolic Acid and other Accelerating Acids. Harnessing the combined benefits of clinically-proven actives and antioxidant-rich botanicals, Alpha-H’s formulations provide a range of corrective solutions for the full spectrum of skin concerns; from breakouts and pigmentation to dullness and ageing.