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MY skin care is rinse my face with water.

It is hard being 64 years old & HOMELESS !!!
Terri May 23, 2021

Belle is SCUM & She will NEVER pay a single cent. They only eat it will paid is when she cons Melbourne’s Ethiopian community to. pay it for her !!!!!!

Terri May 20, 2021

Being a ex DV victim ....... 

It was hard when we went to court for the LAST act of abuse. On a winter night, I had 5 week-old baby, was in a nightie when it started. I had a fractured jaw, black eyes, lumps/scars (the size of a large pea) above my lip that showed all the time and more if I smiled (& still have). I had lacerations on my back, front, my breast had claw marks on them. I ran through a cane field barefooted, & in my blood stained ripped nightie, where there were snakes & rats to a neighbours house abt 1 km away (had never met them. They phone the Police who collected me & took me home to collect my baby. If I had picked her up he would have know I was "running" & would have killed me. I ran through the cane fields for fear if I ran on the road he would run over me. After the Officer arrived at the neighbours (from a one man Station) he asked if my ex still had firearms I said yes, I explained were they were kept ---- in the back of a wardrobe & that the bullets were kept in a draw in the top of his dresser drawers. The Officer then went in leaving me in his vehicle. The Officer came out with a rifle, discharged it & then asked me to to go in & collect my baby, which I did. We left to head to the small one man Police Station with me in still wearing my the blood stained ripped nightie & my baby (with no extra clothing for either of us. My parent arrived at the station to collect us & take me to hospital for treatment.
Later when we went to court the Judge told me I deserve the "hiding you received that I should have given him sex so, I was NOT bashed up." But that was the cause or start of the assault......................... I had closed the front door that had a dead bolt lock only, & when he arrived home after 13 hours at a PUB he didn't have his keys to let himself in. 

My parents fought hard to make sure I didn't go back again (had left 4 times prior after other physical violence but went back).

He never went to prison for ANY assaults. I later found out that two women before me as well as his last wife ALL suffered from DV assaults.

Terri May 20, 2021

@talbotpc This happens to me too !!!!!! Not able to submit comments.  😢 April 25, 2021

I had a 6 week old baby was living on a isolate rural road, partner came home after 11 hours at the pub & got stuck into me (small attacks & trying to run over me in the past). I ended up in hospital. He was charged. When we went to Court for the Domestic Violence the Judge told me "You deserved the belting you got, you should have given him sex when he wanted". He got off scott FREE !!!!!!!